Gachas banned in Second Life

Linden Lab announced a few hours ago that Gachas will no longer be permitted from midnight SLT on August 31st.
Here is the full official announcement;

Due to a changing regulatory climate, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to sunset a very popular sales mechanism for content in Second Life.  It’s widely known as “gacha”, and is defined by a chance-based outcome as a result of a payment.  
We know that creators plan their content releases far in advance and will need to re-tool their products, so to mitigate the impact to those affected, we are giving a 30-day grace period, until midnight SLT on August 31.  After that time, selling content via gacha machines will no longer be permitted in Second Life.  Enforcement won’t start until September 1; after that date an Abuse Report for “Gaming Policy Violation” will be the preferred method of reporting this content to Linden Lab.  
We will continue to allow any sales where a payment is given for a known item, which means that items that had been purchased as “gacha” will be allowed to be re-sold as long as the buyer knows in advance the item and quantity they will receive. We will, of course, still allow fatpacks, and any other currently-allowed distribution mechanisms. 
We did not make this decision lightly and we understand that it will impact creators as well as event organizers and certainly the shoppers! We look forward to fun creative ways of engagement that will come instead.  
We realize that this announcement may leave the community with questions.  This forum thread is going to be monitored and we will answer any related questions in there. 

I freely admit that I did not like the Gacha system, I often was frustrated by them, simply wanting to buy something to find that I had to spend ages playing to get what I needed, ending up with lots of stuff I didn’t want, etc.
But they are a huge part of Second Life and big business.

Sonatta Morales has died


This morning I received the terrible and frankly heart breaking news that Sonatta Morales has died in RL.

A little over two weeks ago she was feeling unwell, told me she was having a headache.
That of course didn’t stop her from performing at her Eldorado club in 1920s Berlin, after all, the phrase ‘the show must go on’ was etched into her soul.
But she didn’t come back online and a few days later I was contacted by her RL friends who informed me that her headache turned out to be something more serious, a lot more serious.
She was taken to hospital and today she died.

Her last days were peaceful and she was surrounded by loved ones when she passed away.

To me personally Sonatta, above anything else, was my best friend who I will miss in ways I can’t describe in words.
We were always talking about meeting up in RL, but now we never will.

But she was so much to so many.
In the vintage, retro and history scene of Second Life she was a celebrity, her glamorous clothes could be seen at many sims and all the best events.
In 1920s Berlin she ran the Eldorado Cabaret, setting up a brand new show every single Saturday for an adoring audience.
In Time Portal she danced on stage at Mama Bao’s club to an adoring crowd.
She became a star and as well as a brand.
People were bragging about owning “an early Morales design” and I reckon Sonatta would have loved it to know that her clothes will remain a familiar sight in Second Life for a long time to come.

When I first had the idea for 1920s Berlin it was Sonatta who gave me inspiration and courage to do it, she fell in love with the idea right away and loved Berlin as much, perhaps in some ways even more than I do.
Without it our community may not have even existed.
She was Berlin, Berlin was Sonatta, our community will never be the same again.

But as Sonatta would have said; The show must go on.

Her villa on Behrenstrasse in 1920s Berlin has become a monument and little museum to her life.
Her shops, the Eldorado and mama Bao’s club will continue.
But above all her clothes still being seen everywhere in SL will be the biggest monument to her work.

Auf wiedersehen Sonatta, as your hero Marlene Dietrich once sang; you’ll always have a suitcase in berlin.

Spontaneous vigil outside Sonatta’s club Eldorado in 1920s Berlin.

Rewarding long-term SL users


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I’ve made this suggestion in previous posts before, come to think of it, I’ve subtly mentioned wanting a gift from Linden Lab every time my 1920s Berlin Project sim celebrated an anniversary.
But during SL’s 17th anniversary celebrations Ebbe and some of the other Lindens showed interest in this idea and hinted at that is is being discussed at Linden Lab, so I thought I’d write a blog about it, just to, subtly, try and steer Linden Lab in the right direction.
Because you know me, Fraulein Subtle.

In 1920s Berlin people who have been a tenant get rewarded every year on the birthday of their tenancy.
They get a note of thanks from me, their picture in the Long Term Tenant’s gallery at our inworld city hall, they get congratulated in our Facebook group and… they get a month of rent, for free.

The Long term tenants gallery in 1920s Berlin

Second Life has now been around for 17 years and of course much of the success of our virtual world is because of the people who have been living, working and creating parts of this world.
I think it would be nice if those of us who have been here for a while could be rewarded.
Here are a few suggestions on how Linden Lab could celebrate our rez days;

Ideas for regular SL residents rez anniversaries;

  • Congratulatory message;
    It should be relatively easy for LL to program an automated IM message that gets send to a SL resident on their rezday.
    Although not very personal or original, it would be nice to once a year get a little message from Linden Lab, thanking us for being in SL.
    It could also be a nice reminder for those of us who haven’t been online for a while to check in.
  • Profile badge;
    It might be fun, especially for bragging purposes, to have a badge displayed in your profile showing everyone how long you’ve been active in SL.
    Imagine one day checking your profile and seeing a little cocarde or medal there with a 5 or 10, depending on how long you’ve been inworld.
  • Inworld gift;
    Always nice to receive a little gift, nothing fancy but exclusive!
    A nice cake, a picture frame with a photo of all the Lindens, a golden trophy, etc.
    Just something fun you can rez in your home.
  • Real world gift;
    Yes, why not!
    Linden Lab/Second life has/had merchandise, or merch as the kids call it these days.
    Unfortunately we can’t buy it from the SL website (why not?!) but it would be really great to receive a present from your virtual world on your real world doormat.
    A t-shirt, a plastic plywood prim, a poster or even just a postcard.
    It should be only for very special anniversaries, for instance for when someone has been an active member of SL for a decade.
  • Attention;
    Getting attention is always nice, well for most people anyway.
    On special anniversaries, like 5th, 10th, etc. it would be fun to be mentioned on SL’s Social media.
    What about “Congratulations Jo Yardley on her 20th anniversary as a resident of Second Life!” on Facebook/Twitter perhaps?
    Not just would this be fun for the residents, it’s also a bit of publicity for SL, I mean how many virtual online worlds can brag that people have been living there for years?
  • Discount;
    Although SL is of course free to use, many of us, especially longtermers, are premium members.
    This costs you USD 11.99 a month.
    Even a small discount would be a nice gesture that would eventually add up.
    Imagine if your premium account only costs you USD 10.- a month after your 10th anniversary?
    I bet a lot of people would appreciate that.

Besides residents there are also communities, exhibits, clubs, shops, etc. that manage to survive in Second Life for several years.
This is perhaps even more remarkable as it involves keeping people happy, making publicity, managing events, paying lots of tier, creating new things, etc.
If you can keep a place going that not only keeps people from leaving SL but also lures new users in or simply creates another place of interest that makes SL worth everybody’s while, you deserve gifts!
Here’s my list of suggestions of how managers/owners/founders of these places can be rewarded;

  • Congratulatory message;
    As above, let these people know you appreciate the work they put into creating a place, community, venue in SL.
  • Profile badge;
    As above, but the badge/sticker is seen on the group’s page.
    This can be quite nice to have as it would show people who are interested in perhaps visiting your Sim that they’re going to a well established place.
    If you’re going to a roleplaying community that has a 10 year anniversary badge on their profile, you know the odds of it vanishing within a few weeks like those other places you’ve visited are slim.
  • Inworld gift;
    As above.
    But a nice trophy is perhaps even nicer to give an honorary spot in your club than it is to place it on your mantelpiece at home.
    “Oh honey this club has received a reward, let’s see what it says, oh my they’ve been around for a decade! This must be a swell joint!”.
  • Attention;
    As above.
    Of course getting attention is extra nice for a venue as it can bring you extra traffic!
    Being mentioned on official SL social media or the website can give your place a huge boost in traffic which in turn can result in new tenants, regulars, sales, etc.
  • Destination guide;
    Perhaps there could be a special category in the destination guide of all the places in SL that have been there for an X amount of years; the oldtimers.
  • Discount;
    Although SL has gotten cheaper the last few years, renting a piece of land or even regions, homesteads etc. is still not cheap.
    Making sure you can pay your tier every month is a big task and for many sims tier has been the reason of their demise.
    It would be great if the communities/shops/venues/clubs/etc that do manage to keep going for several years get rewarded with a tier discount.
    Perhaps lower their tier permanently or allow them to to not pay any tier at all during the month of their anniversary.
    Having to spend a little less every month can make a real difference, having a bonus once every few years because you don’t have to pay any tier can be very welcome.

So, in short; reward those of us who stick around and those of us who (also) create and keep places & experiences going.
Have you got any ideas & suggestions on what kind of gift you’d like to receive for your rezday?

Mr. Moon & Vertiigo’s Second Life


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Youtuber Mr. Moon has visited Second Life and made quite an impressive video about it with his old pal Vertiigo.
I have bumped into both of them a few times in games such as Rust, DayZ, etc, don’t ask what happened.
One of them may even have ended up in a dungeon in my castle, in a non pervy way of course, honest.
I may even have annoyed them with stories about Second Life, as I often do when playing games.
Because yes, I may be a fat old cat lady living in a farm in the middle of nowhere, I’m also a gamer and have been one since Pong.

Of all the games I’ve played and still play, of course none have gotten as much attention from me as Second Life.
It is where I hang out daily, meet my friends, spend time in the world I created in stead of some world a game developer imagined, even manage to make a little bit of a living there but above all, it just allows me to experience things I just never get to do in any of the games I play.

It is always interesting to see a relative newcomers experiences in the virtual world many of us have become so familiar with.
It is always annoying to see someone have a better computer and less lag than me though.

I’ve been trying to get LL to get more youtubers into trying SL, they can get you the kind of publicity you can’t buy!
Mr. Moon for instance has over 400K subscribers, his video has had over 60K views.

Of course they mostly hang out in dodgy clubs, ugly old sims, meet horrible rude people, there’s some hanky panky (thankfully blurry) and they do a fair bit of swearing.
Just so you know.

It’s funny though.

But underneath all that there seems to be a genuine curiosity and admiration for what they find during their exploration.
At the halfway mark the video changes, Mr. Moon chats with long term Second Life residents, asking serious questions, getting serious answers.
He starts to see some of the things that make SL great and wonderfully describes them.
He is talking to an audience of gamers, many of whom will have no interest in SL or look at it with certain preconceptions, but I reckon he got their attention.
He shows SL looking good, visiting wonderful spots with graphics settings set to high.
Anyway, it may bring some new people to SL, which is good 🙂

But I hope Verts & Moon come and spend more time in Second Life and make more videos.
If I bump into them I won’t lock them in a dungeon, again, I promise.


Last names are back!



Some wonderful news from Linden Lab; the last names are back from today!
Well, for those of us who have a premium account.
Which may not sound nice if you don’t have one but I think it is a good idea, more about that later.

Anyway, in short, for years people who joined SL had to pick from a list of last names, which is why my name is Jo Yardley.
I never would have chosen Yardley, but I assumed I’d be spending some time in English sims, as I’m a Anglophile.
Had I known I’d be living in 1920s Berlin for a decade, I would have chosen something a bit more German!

So if you have a premium account and are willing to pay about $40 you can change your first name and pick a new last name, again from a list of last names.

OMG I could be Jo Jazzhands!
Of course I can not change my name, not after having had the same one for over a decade, a name connected to 1920s Berlin, Time Portal, some publicity stuff I’ve done, etc.
I don’t want to brag but my name is known (and feared) by a few people, not to mention that I’ve been part of a vibrant active roleplaying community.
Frau Jo Yardley has lived in 1920s Berlin since 1912, she can’t just change her name!

I like last names and always thought getting rid of them was a bad idea, but unfortunately Linden Lab still has not made me prime ultra uber-consultant.
Meeting someone with the same last name as I have was always a lot of fun.
On the other side, if someone misbehaved in my sim, I would absolutely go bother people with the same last name about it, complaining to them about their rude cousin, always as a bit of fun though 😉

I love display names, they’re a great gadget for the roleplaying community.
But they also allow people who have partnered or consider themselves family to carry the same last name.
I bet some people will spend hours refreshing the page till they see the name they want, perhaps the last name of their husband or wife so they can be properly married, without the need of display-names.

I’ll just remain good old grumpy Jo Yardley, I won’t be changing any names of alts because it’s too expensive, but I’m sure this change that has been long awaited will be just what some people want.

For more information and details make sure you read the official announcement by clicking here.

Meeting loved ones in VR who have died in RL

When I started thinking seriously about all the amazing things VR could offer us, bringing back the dead was one of the many things I looked forward to.

I never knew my grandmother, she died before I was born but made such a huge impact on everyone around her that I’ve always felt her presence, not literally but in her children, my family members, my upbringing.
After surviving the hell of a WW2 Japanese concentration camp she was an amazing mum to her 9 children but died way too young.

I always missed not having her around, not having met her is one of the biggest regrets of my life.
And one day I hope to meet her in VR.
I don’t need to interact with her, I don’t want to talk to her, it would be impossible as we don’t have her voice recorded anywhere and I’d just know that anything she’d say would be made up by someone else.
But the idea of simply being in the same room as a NPC that looks exactly like her, just sitting there by the radio, drinking a cup of tea, reading a book, would mean the world to me.
I’d just sit there and cry my eyes out.

But when someone dies today, we generally have a lot more resources to work with to recreate these people.
Of most people today we have countless hours of video recordings, we have sound, movements, mannerisms and thousands of images in stead of just one album of black and white pictures.
That means that the people we recreate in VR will be a lot more realistic and of course we’re still just at the beginning of this.
Soon it will be relatively easy to bring a dead person back to life, something that today takes specialists studios countless hours, huge computers and a big pile of (usually) Hollywood money.
And even then it is somehow still not quite right.

Technology will move forward, the computer generated people will become more and more realistic and the time, money, effort and amount of expertise it takes to achieve a realistic and convincing result is going to be less and less.

We can have long and deep debates about how we should use this technology and if it is good or perhaps bad for how we deal with mourning those we lose.
Because as interesting it is to dance with Marlene Dietrich in 1920s Berlin, have a chat with Leonardo Da Vinci in his studio or how lovely it would be to visit Alexander the Great, most of us will probably think of someone a lot closer to them they’d want to meet.
Is it good that in stead of letting go, we get to hang out with our family members who died for as long and often as we want?
I guess we should leave this to the psychologists and philosophers, because quite frankly I couldn’t care less.
I want to meet my gran, I want one last chat with my best friend, I want to walk my dogs through the park again and I already know I want to talk to my parents after they’ve died.
Anyone suggesting I perhaps shouldn’t, will be ignored when the time comes.

For those of us who live in Second Life, this really isn’t anything new.
I bet people have been trying to recreate the dead in SL pretty much since the world was opened to the public.
But using a VR headset for it is quite something else.

Anyway, the website ‘Road to VR‘ wrote about a Korean documentary about this subject.
In the video a mother is reunited with her little daughter who recently died.
As you can perhaps imagine seeing this has turned me into a weeping wreck.

I don’t really have the qualifications to make a proper assessment on how healthy, ethical or proper this is, but from the video it appears to do the mother some good.
I especially like how the kid shows mum where she lives now.
Perhaps this leaves a kind of memory for mother, helping her to imagine her child living there and replacing the last memory that she had before, of the child in a hospital bed or even coffin.
But I’m pretty sure it is going to mess up her little sister, who is still alive but is there watching mum reunite with the dead big sister and who also had to be a stand-in for the people who created this VR experience.

Anyway, healthy or not, right or wrong, it is of course something sensitive we should be really careful with but I bet most people will react to this technology the way I do, not caring about anything but just wanting to try it already and miss that one person we can’t really do without.

Make sure you read the article on ‘Road to VR’ for the whole story and the technological background, you can find it by clicking here.

Documentary about Sansar

Totally missed this interesting documentary about Sansar.
And yes before you ask, I am in Sansar but don’t spend a much of time there as I’m still too dim to create the stuff I want to create in that world.

Normally I only blog when I have some news that others haven’t already posted about, but because I’ve missed it, maybe you missed it and I just like the documentary and so here it is;

Some comments;

Nice hat Ebbe, good start, now start wearing an 1930s suit with the hat, come on, you know you want to 😉
The avatar creation tool looks good.
I love the idea of getting a piece every time someone sells something you’ve worked on even if they linked it to something else and sell it as their own.
I see that Linden Lab still doesn’t look like a lab and they still haven’t hired a plasterer to do something about those bare brick walls.

Ebbe says that they may have left some of the key ingredients behind in SL that could be the difference between success and fail.
I think that is indeed the problem at the moment, the ingredients that would make me move to Sansar are not there yet.
With the emphasis on yet of course.
I’ll be keeping an eye on Sansar, dropping in now and then, but it is too soon for me to actually start building my first historical RP community there.
What about you, why aren’t you in Sansar yet?

Improving & expanding Partnering



I’m the eternal old spinster, I don’t need no family, but lots of people in SL do.
They love getting married or just partnering with their best friend.
People start families, clans, clubs, gangs, etc.

But although at least we can partner someone of the same gender and animals, furries, ghosts, dragons, etc, one part of the partnering system is still stuck in the past; you can only partner to one person at a time.

There is no real reason for this, partnering someone doesn’t do anything, all it means is that their name is added to your profile.

I would like to see partnering improved and expanded, perhaps as a premium membership perk…

For starters of course allow us to partner more than one person.
Even in the classic sense of partnering there are some romantic relationships that include more than two people.
Get with the times Lindens!

You should be able to partner more than one person, not just because of unconventional relationships but also, as I just mentioned, because people use the partnering option for other relationships as well.
If you have a family, wouldn’t it be nice to have your kids connected to you in your profile as well?
And your parents?
What if you’re a member of a gang or a vampire clan or someone’s slave in ancient Rome?
Would you not like to have those people shown in your profile as well?
Yes you can prove you were made a vampire by Lestrade, look he is in your profile, something that can only be done if he accepted your proposal!

Having more than one partner might clutter up your profile, even if the section is replaced with a drop down menu.
So it would be a good idea to make this a separate tab, the ‘Relations’ tab.

It could look a bit like the picks page in your profile.
Anyone you’d partner with would appear there, like a pick, with their profile pick, their name and below it a window where you can write some stuff.
There is space for 10 picks in your profile, adding 10 possible partners might be enough or at least a good start.
Of course again here is an option for LL to tempt people into becoming premium members by for instance allowing regular users only one partner or none and informing regular users that the relations tab is only available to premium members with a link to the sign up page.

Try and imagine what this could look like.
In your window you have one tab that says relations.
Here you see several people, all these people are there because you “proposed” to them or formally asked to partner them.
One of them is the man of your dreams, two of them are your kids, but you’ve also added your best friends and that lovely chap who was the first person you met in SL and who showed you around but sadly died years ago.
This tab will be a collection of memories, friendship, love or just a display of all the really bad dudes that are in the same gang as you are.
Yeah don’t mess with me, “Skullcrusher” Henderson is in my gang, yeah check out my profile, see!

Personally I think this would be a fun perk for many of us and it would make being a premium member even more tempting.

On top of that all the divorces that will ultimately follow all these relationships will put more money in LL’s coffers!

What do you think?
Good idea, silly?
How many partners do you need?
Let me know in the comments section below.

Premium accounts and how to make them (even) more appealing


I upgraded my account because as someone who ran an active community I regularly needed assistance urgently and premium accounts promised 24/7 live chat support.
Filing a ticket when some griever was running around your city making life miserable for everyone just didn’t cut it.
Back then asking for help through chat support regularly resulted in an actual Linden coming over to see what the problem was.
Ah those were the days kids, you youngsters don’t remember.

I’ve been premium ever since because you sort of have to if you own land.
Without a premium account you can’t own land on the Mainland but even when you buy a private region you still kind of need some of the premium account perks such as the chat support.

Over the last decade I’ve seen LL try all sorts of things to try and get more people to join the premium program.
It makes sense, there are at least 60.000 premium accounts in Second Life (source), which means right now Linden Lab made over 4 million Dollars a year from premium accounts ON THE MAINLAND alone and that is when everyone pays annually.
With the new price, again assuming they will have still 60.000 premium account members left and they all choose to pay annually, they’ll be making almost 6 million Dollars just with Mainland regions.
So that is not counting premium account holders who don’t own land or who private land.
In short, premium accounts are quite important to Linden Lab.
Disclaimer; I’m terrible with numbers.

Right now, when you become a premium member you get the following benefits;

  • Weekly L$300 stipend*
  • L$1000 sign-up bonus** for first-time Premium Account subscribers
  • Priority entry when regions are full of avatars
  • Linden Home or 1024m² tier allotment for use towards a parcel on the Mainland
  • Expanded live-chat customer support
  • Premium virtual gifts
  • Exclusive access to Premium areas and experiences
  • Increased cap on missed IMs
  • Increased group membership limits
  • Voice Morphing
  • Premium-only sandboxes
  • The right to own mainland parcels in popular areas
  • Immediate access to adult-only areas
  • utilizing increased region capacity
  • L$ transaction history increased from 32 days to 90 days

Some of these benefits don’t have much value to many of us, especially if you are a landowner.

Anyway, I started thinking about how the premium accounts could be made more appealing.
If LL got a lot more premium members, they’d make a lot more money and they could then decide to lower tier or even our money transfer costs that have shot up recently.
I know the Lindens are working on an ultra-premium option, so maybe some of these options will be part of that or maybe these will give LL a few ideas;

Let’s get right to the most desired thing in SL; lower tier.
I understand that LL can’t give all premium account holders a tier discount, even though many of course are not land owners so they wouldn’t even be able to use this option.
However for me and other landowners it would be extremely appealing if the grandfather option would return as part of the premium membership.
Being able to grandfather my regions made a huge impact on improving my situation in SL and if this would return I would be more tempted to rent more regions, thus putting more tier in the Linden Lab safe.

Same goes for NO setup fees for new regions.
LL has already lowered the setup free dramatically which is great but you still have to pay an entire month tier and 100$ to start a sim, this has to come out of your own pocket because you won’t be getting an income from this new region through rent, access, tips or other ways for at least one or two months.
Starting a sim still costs you hundreds of dollars till you manage to break even or make a profit, if ever.
If you wouldn’t have to pay the setup fee premium membership would earn its annual fee back for everyone who buys a region.

Another option I’d like to see added is more group-roles.
Not only would this make running a group/sim/community a LOT easier, it would also mean many groups could be deleted as the lack of roles is the only reason they exist.
We’ve just learned that groups put quite a bit of pressure on the SL resources so this would be an added bonus to both users and LL.

I’d like to see the groups being improved in general, I’ve written about this before (here; ) but I understand that changing them can be quite a hassle and will take a lot of time and effort from LL.
However if they make ‘Deluxe Groups’ TM a Premium Account only thing, it would pay for itself.
Not only would quite a few shop owners, RP communities and other people gladly go or remain premium for a group that offers more options, this too, when done well, would mean a decrease in the amount of groups in SL, again something that would also be beneficent for LL.

Another idea I have is a bit of an ego related one.
How about we make it visible in people’s profile that they’re premium members!
Lots of people like this, perhaps as a bit of a status symbol.
“Hey why do you have a gold star that says Premium on your profile?”
“Ah well dear old fellow, I’m a member of an exclusive club…” the man answered as he polished his monocle.

It would be a wonderful perk if premium members could upload textures for free or got a discount.
Right now uploading each and every single texture costs you 10L$.
This adds up if you’re a creator and need to upload many textures while building something, often uploading the same one many times just because you changed a little detail.
Another texture related perk many people would love is the return of the temporary textures.
I am not sure if these ever were an official thing or just a Firestorm feature but a long time ago you could upload temporary textures, this would mean you could upload a texture for free but it was temporary so after a few days it would just vanish again from the servers.
This was a great feature and money saver for us creators.

I would love to be able to change my tier paying date.
I have two full regions and three homestead and I have to make sure to put some money into my account several times a month, it is a hassle.
I would love to change this and just pay for all my land on the same day of the month.

One thing that has annoyed me for ever is the fact that our transaction history only goes back a short while.
Recently they changed this from 32 days to 30 and that is already quite an improvement but I don’t understand why this can’t be even longer.
Surely just storing these records can’t take up that much precious computer memory at Linden Lab, especially not compared to all our inventories and this entire virtual world?
Why can’t we look up what we spend 8 years ago?
Anyway, I think adding even more days to the transaction history would make having a premium account even nicer.

Ok this idea is a bit more complicated but may not be as big a hassle to make work.
How about… we create SL families!
Right now you can connect your avatar with one other avatar by making him or her your partner.
All this really does is show someone in the partner space on your profile.
That’s all.
So what if premium members could add more than one person as a partner…
Again this has no real consequences but it is a nice way to show the world you’re part of a modern relationship with two other people, are happily married to just one person but have seven kids or that you’re a member of a vampire family because Lestrade bit you.
We know how much these families, clans, gangs, groups of friends mean to people but also the huge value they can have to roleplaying communities.
Being able to officially connect more than just one person to you is quite appealing and will make a few people decide to go premium.
And of course all those divorces that will eventually follow means more cash in the Linden coffers.
Read more about this idea by clicking here.

Allow premium account holders to rent a homestead without having to own a full region.

Premium account holders get a region they buy for one month with no or reduced tier.
Starting a sim is expensive, it takes weeks, even months to get things set up and all that time you’re not getting any money from tenants or shopkeepers.
The first month tier comes out of your own pocket while you have no income.
So knowing that you don’t have to pay (full) tier that first month would be nice.

Custom SL e-mail address.

Pay for your tier and premium fees with Lindens.
No need to go through the hassle of selling L$, LL just deducts costs from your L$ balance directly.

Ok this is a mean one… how about we add ‘Allow only premium members’ to region settings…
People could start clubs and sims that only premium members would have access to.
Lindens could create Premium member only sims!

Rezzday gift!
It doesn’t have to be much, maybe just a card from Ebbe, or a cake, a kiss-o-gram, a bigger stipend, etc.
Just a little something to thank premium account holders for being in SL for another year.

So anyway, these are just a few of my ideas that would make becoming a premium member even more appealing.
What do you think?
Got other ideas and suggestions?
Share them in the comments below.

Disclaimer; some of these ideas don’t come from me but from the SL forums or drunks rambling at my bar in 1920s Berlin.