Free Realistic avatar kit updated, now also with tools for kids


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As soon as I rezzed my first prim an realised it was 50 by 50 by 50 centimeters, I realised I could use this scale to make things but to also make my avatar the same height as I am in real life.
And I’ve always been interested in trying to mimic realism in virtual reality.

So when I started building the 1920s Berlin Project, I soon decided to use the so called “Prim scale” and now pretty much everything in that sim has a 1:1 scale compared to RL.

But having such a sim made things difficult for visitors.
Making your avatar realistic is not easy in Second Life, the avatar editor is a bit wonky and the measurements not always reliable.

So I created a realistic proportioned avatar kit for visitors, filled with lots of goodies and gadgets to help you make your avatar look more realistic.

Today I’ve updated the kit, tweaked it a little and also added information and measurement prims that can help children find their right size.
You can get this kit for free at our Teleport area or simply test out the Loomis figures to see if you’re much too tall or short for your age.

Visitors to 1920s Berlin don’t have to make their avatar realistically proportioned, but doing so will help the immersive experience and keep them from bumping their heads.

We also think that it is a good thing to at least know what a realistically proportioned avatar looks like, once you know that you can of course always decide to change your look in whatever way you want.
If most avatars are realistic, someone who is small or large will have more fun standing out.

There are many devices available in SL that claim to help you measure your height but in my experience there is only one way to be completely sure; Rez a simple prim and making it as tall as you want your avatar to be and then stand right next to it, or even inside the prim.

In the free realistic proportioned avatar kit you will find;

  • The two Vitruvian shapes made by Penny Patton
  • Ideal Loomis proportion female 66″ / 167.6 cm
  • Ideal Loomis proportion Adult male 72 inches / 182 cm tall
  • Ideal Loomis proportion male 15 yrs 67.5″ / 171 cm
  • Ideal Loomis proportion male 10 yrs 52.5 inches / 133.3 cm
  • Ideal Loomis proportion male 5 yrs 42 inches / 106.6 cm
  • Ideal Loomis proportion male 3 yrs 32.5 inches / 82.55 cm
  • Ideal Loomis proportion male 1 yr 24 inches / 61 cm
  • TMT Professional Pose Stand

About the Loomis figures:
Andrew Loomis made excellent drawings that explain how the human body is put together.
Of course these shapes are idealistic, but the proportions regarding height, length of arms, legs, etc, are correct.

Good luck working on your avatar.
Please remember that we do NOT demand you to have a realistically proportioned avatar in 1920s Berlin, it is just a suggestion.

Thank you Penny Patton, Tikuf Arun and Andrew Loomis.

The free kit can be found at;

Avatar proportions kit

Now is the perfect time to explore SL12B


The wonderful community celebration experience that is Second Life’s 12th birthday (SL12B) is about to come to an end.

Today and tomorrow are the last days you can visit the 200+ exhibits on 15 full regions, it all closes at midnight on Saturday the 4th of July.

And although all the events have ended and you probably won’t find many of the actual builders presenting their displays, you will also not bump into the hundreds of other visitors and the mountain of lag.

These last days are nice and quiet, perfect to see everything (again) without crashing or being unable to move.
And making pictures is also a lot easier now.

A good place to start your exploration is, if I may be so bold, my 1920s Berlin display :)
You can find it by using this slurl;


show #75: hifi

Originally posted on the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley]:

show #75 show #75

you may have guessed it [from the title i am sure] = we are in a different virtual world this week and as such we have on the show today a gaggle of special guests indeed including one philip rosedale in a sit-down interview conducted at an actual physical location.

enjoy an overview of high fidelity, a contender in the race to metaverse supremacy for sure:

and now dive into linkage contextualizing the show:

– draxtor domain running from a macbook air in hifi directory:

draxtor sandwiched in between bitcoin and goth islands draxtor sandwiched in between bitcoin and goth islands

– taping the show in open source software for shared vr with ctrlaltdavid and jo…

drax village with jo and david and too much complexity not rendered drax village with jo and david and too much complexity not rendered

– our guests david rowe, ozan serim, chris collins, ryan karpf and philip rosedale

– ozan mentions team fortress avatars as a model for…

View original 275 more words

Visiting the virtual world called High Fidelity


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For a special episode of the Drax Files Radio Hour we returned to the virtual online world called High Fidelity.

They have been rather busy and things sure moved on since the last time I had a good look around.

We also interviewed quite a few rather interesting guests such as David RoweOzan SerimChris CollinsRyan Karpf and of course Philip Rosedale.

And a lot of interesting information was shared!

So despite our summer break we decided we had to go make this special episode, not to be missed!

You’ll find it online Friday on the Drax Files Radio Hour website at 6am SLT.

HiFi Group2

Experience Tools NOW available but only for Premium Members!


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This morning Linden Lab released the following message in a blog post;

As of today, this exciting creative power is available to all Premium subscribers, and every Second Life user can enjoy participating in these seamless experiences with a new Viewer that makes it easy to manage all of your experience permissions.

This project has already helped bring a more immersive experience to The Cornfield, Linden Realms and other Second Life experiences you can find through our Portal Parks. Don’t forget to check out all the Resident-created experiences in our Destination Guide too!

Make sure you’ve updated to the latest Viewer or visit our download page to get it. This latest release allows you to manage all of your experiences whether you’re a creator or participant.

If you’re a Premium member and would like to begin creating with Experiences, check out this Knowledge Base article to get started. We can’t wait to see what you create!

I am not sure if the idea to make this something for premium members only is a permanent thing or just something just for now.
So I can’t tell you if eventually all users will be able to start using these tools.

Of course we’ll all be able to experience them.

In 1920s Berlin we’re experimenting with them and we hope to eventually hope to give you some experiences that will make your visit to 1920s Berlin more realistic.
Such as getting drunk, sick, having to go to the toilet, eat, drink and end up with a suspicious rash and itch after a wild night at the “Herrenclub”.
I’m not joking.

On the other hand, simply no longer having to ask guests permission to animate them every single time they sit on a chair or want to dance, would be wonderful.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 02.02.57

We’re not ready for that in Berlin yet though, but I’ll keep you updated.

I think the experience tools are rather good fun and hope to see more of them.
Recently I got to try them at Loki Eliot’s excellent display at SL12B and it was a lot of fun.

So lets start creating some wonderful experiences!

Ebbe talks; there is going to be a monthly Question Time with Lindens (with video)


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Together well known VR Tv personality Saffia Widdershins and I got to interview Ebbe Altberg, aka Ebbe Linden, CEO of Linden Lab and thus, boss of our virtual world.

After a rocky start (something always goes wrong when audio and video are involved in SL) we got started.

It was interesting to note that Ebbe had returned to using his original avatar and was no longer wearing a mesh body.
Thus allowing his face to actually move as he spoke.
He said that he had only worn the mesh body as part of a presentation but I wish I’d asked a little further, because I can’t help wondering if perhaps he didn’t like the mesh avatar very much, especially the fact that you can’t really open your mouth with those avatars.
A rather bad side to the ‘new’ mesh avatars Linden Lab announced a while ago.

Nothing much new was announced or revealed during the interview, if you’ve been keeping up with the news and especially if you watched the earlier Linden interviews, you’d known most of what was being said already, although here and there extra information was being added but generally Sansar is just in too early a phase to get into real detail.

I was too busy to make notes, so I hope I remembered (and read from others) the below correctly;

  • In SL there will be more options to buy and own more kinds of land, I suggested something like this in my blog in this post (click to read).
  • Land in Sansar will be cheaper, even free for new users.
  • In Sansar LL plans to make money by putting a tax on sales and transactions in stead of land.
  • If you can run SL on your computer today you should be able to run Sansar on it as well although this could still change and Ebbe isn’t promising that you won’t need a new computer anyway. Then again, in VR everyone always needs a new computer.
  • Ebbe is proud of improving communication between Lindens and the SL residents.
  • Ebbe was also proud of several improvements that were implemented since he became CEO.
  • Ebbe repeated that he plans to make cashing out Linden dollars faster, right now it can take several days, the plan is to make it happen within 24 hours.
  • Ebbe said he walked around SL12B and enjoyed some Techno music, which I find a horrific announcement that shocked me to my core, I didn’t think that was even possible ;)
  • Ebbe almost always goes around Second Life as himself, not using an alt.
    He does not mind mingling and said that quite often people don’t even realise he is the CEO.
    Which I find odd but I guess not everyone follows the SL news and maybe not everyone gets excited when they meet a Linden, any Linden.
  • LL will also continue making SL run better and media on a prim will also be improved.
  • Second names will very likely not return to SL, but what names will actually look like in Sansar is not quite clear.
  • As Danger Linden already said, there will be one main account and several co-accounts per user, allowing you to have alts but still share the same inventory and linden dollar balance.
  • In Sansar, you will probably be paying for how much your sim demands from the LL servers, for instance if you don’t mind our sim being offline when you’re not there (for instance when you run a club thats only open in the weekends) or when you don’t mind visitors having to wait a little while your sim loads, it can be offline when nobody is there, bringing your costs down.
    If you want your sim to be online all the time, you maybe have to pay a little more.
    Which makes sense to me.
  • There won’t be an Linden Lab run version of SL Go yet, no Linden Lab Streaming service, which is a huge shame.
    Ebbe explained that although they looked at it, but felt it would just be too expensive to run. I disagree, one of the SL Go people told me that although Onlive failed, SL Go on its own was very close to making a profit and that if they had realised from the start that their main target audience was the kind of SL user with an old computer and not the mobile user, they would have done better sooner.
    SL Go also showed us that people were willing to pay 10$ a week for streaming SL.
    And I also think that even in SL Streaming does not make any profit, or not much, it would be an important service that is good for SL, as it would allow people to see SL the way it should be seen and thus send out more high quality screenshots and videos into the world, giving SL priceless advertising.
    So I hope that perhaps someone at SL invites some of the ex-SLGo staff to have another chat anyway.
    Nevertheless, LL is looking into streaming Sansar, although again, this is something that isn’t happening any time soon.
  • As Sansar won’t be open source (at least not for a while), there is no room yet for third party viewers, such as Firestorm.
    Which would be upsetting unless LL is implementing a lot of that what makes Firestorm the better viewer.
    But there will be room for add-ons, so I assume people will be able to create certain tools you can add to your viewer to give them more features.
    If this works, it would be really cool.
    Especially if people can create all sorts of applications for the official viewer that they can then sell on the Sansar marketplace!
    It could start a whole new industry.

Near the very end of the interview Ebbe said that he really enjoyed the chat and that we should figure out a way to do something like this again.
This made me think back to an idea I had a few days ago and posted about here on my blog;

Second  Life Question Time (click to read)

I had discussed this with Saffia Widdershins before the interview and in a spur of the moment sort of thing, we decided to take Ebbe up on his offer and told him that we should have some sort of Question Time, but with Lindens.
Jokingly I suggested we could do one every week, but Ebbe thought that once a month would probably be better.
I replied that it was a deal, a verbal agreement and Ebbe agreed.

Afterwards, off the air, we briefly talked about this idea a little longer and it seems there really will be a Question Time show coming to Second Life.

So in a way, we had a little scoop after all.
I’m very excited about this because I feel it will make communication between us and the Lindens even better and there seem to be so many people with questions.

The idea will be simple; we invite Lindens (and perhaps one or two guests as part of a current SL related news story) and let the audience ask the questions.
Don’t start sending in questions just yet, we need to build a stage, find some space, set a date, etc.
But we will of course let everyone know when it is going to happen.

I’ll keep you updated!

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 08.44.23

You can see the whole interview here;

ebbe sl12b

Who cares what they look like while gaming?


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It is funny and sad at the same time that people keep saying that VR will never take off (it already has) because you look ‘silly’ while wearing a VR helmet.


Even people who are supposed to know better say this, like Warren Spector an American video game designer best known for Deus Ex, a well known game I’ve never played.

In an interview (click here to read it) he recently said that VR was just a fad, because;

I don’t think most humans want to look stupid (everyone looks stupid in a VR headset) and they don’t want to isolate themselves from the world. I mean, if someone’s sneaking up behind me with a baseball bat, I want to know about it, you know what I mean? And let’s not talk about nausea.

I find this rather silly.
Because in my personal experience, and I’ve been a hardcore gamer since the 1980s, most humans couldn’t care less what they look like while gaming and they want to do nothing more than isolate themselves from the world.

We sit in our parent’s basement (sorry couldn’t resist that joke) in our underpants behind a computer covered in cookie crumbles, wearing our glasses, not having brushed our hair, surrounded by game guides, wearing an ugly but good headset while screaming at the 12 year old on the other side of the world who just defeated you, as the pesky little monkeys always do.
And especially if you’re a young gamer, your room will be quite a mess anyway.

How many of us, while being in SL or playing a game, can without one second of delay turn on the webcam?
Be honest?
I bet quite a few of us first have to change our clothes or even clean up everything in view of the camera…

And do you want to isolate yourself from the world while gaming?
I sure do!
That is the main reason I even play games or am in VR; to get away from reality for a bit.

When I have visitors, I am not wearing my VR headset, I don’t play games, I don’t even watch tv.
And if I would go into VR while other people are in my house, I would make sure these are trusted friends and family members, who don’t care what I look like with a VR helmet and who would not hit me over the head with a baseball bat, although they do feel the temptation to do so now and then…

Some people apparently enjoy computer games in a completely different setting than I do and than most of my friends do.
It is not a social thing, not in reality anyway, we play games together, but very rarely in the same room or in public.
If the best VR helmet was pink, had a rainbow unicorn on it and was covered in glitter, I’d still wear it.

Seriously, who actually cares like what they look like when they play a game?

Who even plays games with others in the room a lot?

Who of you don’t have a door with a lock on it?

How many gamers are in danger of being hit with a baseball bat by the people they share a home with?

He ends with the nausea, which shows he hasn’t really been paying attention.
I already had no issues with that when I tried the DK1 a year or so ago, but to be fair, I never get nausea, even when I was sailing on an old ship during a hurricane.
Maybe its in my genes, my family were all at sea.
But according to most people trying the most recent helmets, it has been pretty much solved, unless you’re very sensetive.

So come on, can we forget for a second what we look like while using a VR helmet?
Many, if not most of us will not care and those who do will probably stop caring when they start becoming a bigger part of our lives.

Remember that not that long ago people talking on a mobile phone in public looked silly… but today… wait… never mind, bad example.
People with mobile phones still look stupid.
Yes, especially you.

Finally, here a photo of my computer room, for everyones sake, I left myself out of the frame.



Linden Lab will not develop ‘My Second Life’ further, but should.


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During todays yesterdays (I fell asleep before I could finish this blog) ‘Meet a Linden’ talk at SL12B with Danger & Troy Linden, it was revealed that ‘My Second Life’ will not be “developed further”, mostly because a lot of time and work is spend on improving other things.

He said;

Its kind of a mess and it’s very difficult to maintain. Its usage rate is on the low side compared to other features.
So it may not be a popular answer, but no more improvements are planned on that.

I think this is a shame, I feel that it would be good for SL and in the future Sansar to create an active social media tool for our virtual world.

Everyone in SL knows the many issues we have with groups, group chat, having your account removed from Facebook, losing your pictures on Flickr, getting lost on Koinup, trying to keep track of what is being said on Plurk, dodgy online event calendars that are somehow never up to date, etc, etc.
But SL for most people is all about communication, after all, many of us are part of one or more communities.
Keeping them running, organizing events, staying in touch with everyone, keeping a nice record of what’s been going on, sharing pictures… it is all quite a big job and not being made easier by all the options we have but also lack.

When ‘My Second Life’ was first introduced in 2011 I was quite excited, I hoped that it would replace all or most of the tools I use a lot to keep the 1920s Berlin community going.
But alas, I was soon disappointed and stopped using it a long time ago.

I think that if LL developed it further and make it more like a, let’s not hide it, Facebook clone, a lot more users would start using it.

The best thing about this kind of social media wouldn’t just be the chance to chat about what you’re doing, gossip and sharing pictures, but the ability to manage and run your SL communities and social life.

One of the most important things I need, and yes, I only speak for myself, as I always do, as I’m self obsessed, or should that be Berlin obsessed?
The most important options any social media can offer me is that of meeting a community online.
What we need in ‘My Second Life’ is groups.

Imagine having a group for your SL community, one where all the members can post stories, questions, pictures, etc.
There is space for photo albums, so you can share and keep all pictures people post of a certain event in one place, there is room for posting comments and respond to them, perhaps there is even a chat window.
But maybe even more important; there could be a shared events calendar.
With an active community it is always difficult to keep track of who is organising what, where and when and avoid events being organised at the same time.
It can also be complicated to make sure people find out where to look to stay up to date.
Right now we use Facebook, google calendar and an inworld board for this and still it doesn’t always work.

I’d love the ability to start group pages, with a event calendar, chat wall, pictures albums, etc.
One that those who join  get (inworld) notifications from (if they choose to) when something new is posted or when an event is about to start.
An easy way for me to reach everyone who joined even if I myself can’t go inworld for one reason or another.

Imagine if this page was also representative of your group, something you can stumble upon in search and learn about the community and sim even before you join it inworld.
Maybe it could eve be the portal to your community, almost like a webpage for your sim.
Welcome to our 1920s Berlin site, here you see some pictures of events, here you see what we’ve been talking about and here is a big button that will allow you to install SL and teleport directly to a stool by the bar, schnaps is ready.

I’d love to have a more active personal page, with more options, to be more like… here it comes again; Facebook.

In short, I’d love to stop using Facebook and Google calendar, Google+, etc, and swap all that for a place on ‘My Second Life’ with more options.
I think it will be a good thing for the communities, events, etc.

I’d love to be in contact with my SL communities even when not inworld.
See at once glance what events are scheduled for today, see what people are talking about, etc.

Now, if LL wants to make me really happy, they would add more in-out world interaction.
Imagine if you could, on the 1920s Berlin community page in MSL also see a window with the inworld group chat… live!
Or, and maybe this is only for sim moderators or admins; a current list of who is actually in that groups sim at that very moment.
Even allowing you to eject and ban someone from there, all without even logging into SL.
More than once I’ve received a frantic IM from someone in SL asking me to take care of a griever ruining an event, but not being able to do something about it for precious minutes because I had to go get my other computer, wait for it to boot up, wait for SL to load, wait for everything in SL to load so I could make a snapshot of the griever in question, etc.

Imagine being able to write a message on your group page in MSL and it goes out to all members inworld!
We could stop using the expensive and not always trustworthy inworld mailing services!

Imagine being able to see your friends list there and send them an IM that, if they are online will receive inworld in a regular chat window and they can respond to.
You could have a regular chat while they are in SL and you are in RL.

I think if we had tools like these, MSL would be open in a window on my screen all the time and I’d post there several times a day in stead of once every few months, like I do now on MSL.

And yes, I know Herr Linden, that will be a lot of work and there is plenty to do already at Linden Lab.
But I bet that once MSL starts offering more option and freedom, a lot of people will start using it much more and improving communication, strengthening communities and bring more people to events.

If it has enough options, thousands of us can stop using Facebook with fake accounts, Second Life has almost 370.000 likes on Facebook and I reckon a lot of those come from ‘fake’ accounts, at risk of being deleted by Facebook at any time.

Places like SLUniverse are very active, have over 25000 accounts and people spend lots of time there having all sorts of discussions, even if they don’t spend much time in SL any more.

I think that with a few extra options MSL could become a much used and popular tool, one you’d check several times a day, somewhere you go to chat and see what is happening even if you can’t or don’t want to go inworld.

Letting it slide and stay as it is will be, in my eyes, a mistake.
It could be a very powerful and much wanted service and I am sure we will also want/need something like this for Sansar anyway, so working on this now will also be useful for the future.

The full Danger & Troy Linden interview;

my second life

I tried to post this to MSL, but it wouldn’t let me.

Talk with Danger & Troy Linden reveals a few new details about Sansar


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During todays ‘Meet a Linden’ with Troy and Danger Linden a few little details about Sansar were reveiled that may be news to many of us.

I won’t go into detail much as I’m way too busy running the daily Happy Hour at our 1920s Berlin display in SL12B and I am sure some of the other bloggers will post a detailed report.

So here are just my tweets that I posted while the chat was happening;

(I’ll be writing a blog about this soon)

The idea being that you don’t have to create a full account just to be able to own some land and start building, which I think is a great idea.

This is very important of course, as rent is essential to keep communities going, besides having to pay tier money coming in is also important to keep improving the place but also to justify the amount of time the managers and builders put into it.
Of course with free land being available and tier (hopefully) going down for us as well, rent in may places may go down a little bit, making SL cheaper without lots of people suddenly losing lots of income.
But those of us in SL who rent out small parcels to people who need a skybox or just a little place to build a small home may need to reconsider their business model.

This is fantastic, many, probably most hard core users of Second Life have a few alts and we have to buy new stuff and clothes for all of them, not to mention the complicated hassle of passing things from one to the other with the wrong permissions, etc, etc.
If I understood correctly, you will have one main account and you can add other secondary accounts to this main account and they all share the same inventory while being different avatars to the outside world.

This is also rather nice, many people don’t want to use their RL voice in virtual reality for one of many reasons and giving us both voice and text chat is a great option.

This is interesting, as a huge fan of Firestorm, I’d be most upset if at least some of the options I can’t do without (such as contact sets, super radar, etc) won’t be in Sansar.
But I also sort of get why open source is a bit of a pain for LL, especially with something new.
This way they can keep their viewer to themselves and make sure everyone uses the same viewer but they still give us (and hopefully the Firestorm team) plenty to tinker with.

I like this as well.
The idea being that the barrier to get started in SL is very low, you won’t need to share any or much information to get started and go explore.
Very handy if you want to show Sansar to your friends.
But the more information you give, the more freedom and options you’ll have.
For starters of course it will be needed to buy and sell money, and perhaps the more LL knows about you, the faster they can transfer your cash to Paypal, etc.
And if you own a region, you can decide that perhaps you only want to allow people who have proven their age.
One of the great things this could help with is fighting grievers.


Second Life Question Time


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As part of Second Life’s 12th birthday (aka SL12B) I’ve been enjoying a series of interviews with Lindens.

I sneak into the audience and sometimes even get a chance to force my own opinions and questions to the front in a subtle and ladylike manner… ish… sort of… shouting is involved…
You may have read my near- hysterical post yesterday about when Oz Linden announced 24 hour days are coming, partially as a result of my nagging ;)

Since Linden Lab opened their doors and lured kicked pushed enticed set free allowed the Lindens to go out into the wide open world again we’ve been seeing a lot more of them and generally people really like seeing, hearing and meeting them in the wild.
And you can see that in these SL12B interviews as well, when Lindens get on stage, regions fill up.

The interviews are very good, veteran interviewer Saffia Widdershins does her job rather well together with Elrik Merlin, Draxter Despres and others.
Yes, they’ll even let me on the stage to talk to Ebbe.
If you’ve got any questions for him, leave them in the comments section, I may be able to squeeze them in.
If not, make sure you’re in the audience and ask them yourself!

But no matter how much the Lindens talk, you always think of something to ask that doesn’t come up or that you only think about after the interview is over.
And it made me wonder if perhaps it would be interesting to have more chat shows like these.

And no matter how interesting the interview is, the interaction with the audience is often even more exciting.

In the UK there is a tv show called ‘Question Time’, a hand full of politicians sit on a stage while the audience asks them questions.
They can ask (almost) anything they want, several questions are handed in before the show starts but people can also put their hands in the air and ask something else.
You can imagine that these shows are very entertaining.
And of course the questions can get quite difficult sometimes.
As far as I am concerned every country needs a show like this, a place where the politicians directly have to respond to the questions of their employers; the people.

Picture; BBC

Picture; BBC

I started wondering if perhaps this would be something great to have here in Second Life.
Imagine, once a month (or more often?) 3 or 4 Lindens and 1 or 2 guests who for one reason or another have something to do with whatever story is in the news at that time, are invited to Second Life Question Time.
The public gets to send in their questions in advance, there is a host, someone like Saffia, Merlin, Drax etc. and together with the public, for one hour, there is a debate.
The news of the moment is discussed, the questions that were send in are asked and members of the audience with lovely ‘hand the air’ gestures can get to ask questions as well.

This is something I’d watch and I bet so would many others.
It would be the cherry on top of the whole new openness that has changed how LL interacts with the people of Second Life.
What do you think?
Do you like the idea, is it something you’d watch, do you already have questions popping up in your head?

Here is a video showing the UK Question time, not very exciting, but it shows you the general idea of what it is;

And to make up for that video, here is one mocking Question Time;


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