I joined the virtual online world of Second Life in 2007, didn’t like it much but tried it again in 2009.

This time I discovered the lovely 1930s inspired Flashmans sim and met Sonatta Morales with whom I talked about the amazing potential Second Life had for history lovers as us and I brought up the idea of starting something with a 1920s Berlin theme.

The folks at Flashmans were excited and before I knew it, I, as a total noob, had started building my own slice of virtual 1920s Berlin.

I needed all the help I could get and luckily Mila Edelman who was interested in opening a store there came to my assistance.

As our ideas were rather similar we decided to become partners.

Over the years The 1920s Berlin Project grew into something huge and a fantastic community grew around it.

Brilliant and amazing people have joined and played their part in making it the success it became today and also becoming my friends, people like Sein Loire, Zeno McAuley, Cuthbert Helendale and Sonatta of course who has stuck around since those early days and now runs the Eldorado bar, the cabaret heart of our city.

I also met Draxtor Despres when he made a video about Berlin.

We soon realised that we share a lot of opinions when it comes to virtual reality and Second Life and he asked me if I wanted to do a podcast with him.

This has let to lots of exciting new opportunities and connections.

I’ve interviewed Linden Lab CEO’s and had them hang around in my bar but I also get to hear exciting news now and then.

So here I am, a virtual time traveler, writing about what I think about all this, the future of virtual reality, Second Life and ready to start many other projects.

Berlin is just the start.