In a virtual world where everything is possible and you can unleash your fantasy, I’ve always gone for realism.
My 1920s Berlin sim tries to recreate daily life in this great city in the year 1929.
People get up in the morning, go to work, shop and visit the bars at night.
We even bring historical events to our sim as they happened over 80 years ago.
Visit us on may the first and you will witness the riots that happened on that day in 1929.

We also want Berlin to have the same time of day as in RL Berlin.
So when it is night in real Berlin, it should be night in our Berlin!
Sounds simple and should be easy, right?

For some reason the days in Second Life only last 4 hours.
When the world was created they did not think about those of us who want to try and mimic reality.

So just to give the people of 1920s Berlin that experience of day and night in a realistic way, one of the sim managers has to come online and manually change the time of day.
Or as we call it; “to turn the sun on or off”, because it usually is quite comical to suddenly see everything go dark.
No lovely subtle light changes for us, we are stuck with changing the ‘fixed sky’ setting.

Second Life is all about the freedom to create whatever you want, but alas, we don’t get that freedom when it comes to the days and nights.
You can set all sorts of beautiful sky settings, you can even decide on the colour of the water and create your own perfect day cycle… as long as you don’t want it to last longer then 4 hours!
What a shame and how odd.

As creators of worlds, we should be able to also have a say on how long our days lasts!
Stick with the 4 hour days, create 24 hour days or have days that last months because you live at the North pole or on another planet!
Why not?!
Surely, it should be our decision?

And it doesn’t sound like an idea that will take a bunch of Linden Lab employees countless hours of reprogramming the core structure of Second Life Software to create.

I love the idea of visiting a Japanese or American sim and realise that it is night over there.
The idea of actually visiting a far away country!

And if people don’t like to visit a sim in the dark all the time, they can easily override the daylight settings in their viewer.

Imagine being able to just set the  timezone and the sim automatically adapting the daylight settings of that zone in RL!
Maybe even follow the seasons…
It would be amazing!

If you want to get Linden Lab to look at something in Second Life, you start a so called ‘Jira’.
So there is one for this as well;

Sadly Linden Lab doesn’t have a very good reputation when it comes to dealing with Jira’s.
This one has been active since 2009… and it has not even been reviewed, nobody has even been assigned to it!

But we wait and hope.
Please visit it and click Watch and  Vote.
Because it may not amount to much, but doing nothing will get us even less.