A year ago my sim (the 1920s Berlin Project) took part in Second Life’s 8th birthday celebrations.

It was a lot of fun, chaotic but worth it.

We rebuild a tiny 1920s Berlin street in our plot, including a cinema, common working class apartment, a gallery and of course our world famous bar ‘Der Keller’.

Every day for about a week we moved our daily ‘happy hour’ to this replica bar and had lots of fun meeting new people who would not normally visit our sim because of the theme, the strict dress code or perhaps because they don’t like roleplay.

SL8 gave them a chance to get a little taste of a sim they never heard about or never visited before, it also gave them an idea of how we use SL for something they might not know about.

This year SL is asking us to have the celebrations in our own sims, they will not organise something big and fun like the previous years.
Not a good idea.

People don’t like the idea and many won’t be interested in doing this at all.
Some may not be able to.
I know that we can’t just find a spot in our sim for something like this, we don’t have the room or prims.

Right now the only thing I can think of is organising an ‘open day’ to celebrate SL9.
Not sure how much fun that would be.

Either way, I will not be looking forward to it as much as SL8, one of the few, if not the only gridwide event our sim took part in.

What a shame.