As someone who manages a sim with a decent amount of traffic I often have to pop into SL just to tweak a few small things, send a few messages, etc.

But unfortunately I also have a rather busy RL and don’t always have the time to do these things.

Also simply communicating with people in SL from RL is not always easy, it has to go trough IM to email, their online profile, etc.

LL could make all this a lot easier for us by creating more fluent interaction between SL and RL.

Let’s start with communication.

Someone send me an IM in SL, if I have “send IM to email” set, I get the IM as an email, reply to it and thus am able to sort of chat with someone inworld.
That is very handy but it would be even better if we could just “open a chat window” via the SL site, just like we would if we were in SL.
Same look, same options, same chat log, option to see profile, etc, etc… except you don’t have to visit SL for it.
If your friend is online you should be able to chat with them trough the SL site.

But there are more options.

I would LOVE to manage my groups and some of the region settings via the SL website.

Imagine the situation, an event is cancelled, a griefer has struck or the sim is suffering from some extreme lag.
People start sending me IM’s about it, I have to log into SL, open the group window and start sending a message.
This may not always be possible.
Because SL does not give us enough group options we, like many sims, use the Hippogroups services, they DO allow us to send messages to inworld from the Hippo site.
Great, but not perfect and it costs money.
It would be awesome if I could simply visit the SL site, open the group window (again with the exact same look as the group windows inworld) and use it just like I would if I was inside SL.
Change permissions (need to remove that rez permission from a griefer fast or don’t want a new tenant to have to wait till I get out of work!), send messages to the group so they know what is going on or to announce a new event, etc, etc.
All the group options accessible from the SL website.

Another great option for sim owners would be the possibility to manage their regions from the SL website.
Again I have to use a third party (paid) service just to see who is visiting my region without me actually going into the region myself.
I would love to be able to do this from the SL site but also manage some of the other options like quickly closing the region when there is trouble, sending a message to the region, restarting it or something as simple as turning the sim to day or night (as LL won’t let us set a 24 hour light schedule).

All those pesky little things that just need a few moments to take care off, jobs that you could do in seconds trough the SL website… now take minutes (especially if your computer takes a while to start SL up and fight the lag) or even hours if you have to wait till you get home.

Little things that you could even take care off with mobile devices because you just need to be able to load the SL website.

But even if you do not own a region, it can be useful to have more interaction trough the SL website with people inside SL.
Imagine being able to start and take part in a group chat from that site, a fun communication tool but also important when you quickly need to know if that event is starting at 2 or 3 and if evening dress is required.