When mesh first came to Second Life, I got excited.

When I tried my hand at Blender and Zbrush, I got depressed.

I have build and managed a sim for over 3 years, I have been messing with computers since the 1980s, but mesh software makes my brain implode.

I knew I had to one day master mesh but I was not looking forward to it at all.

Then I found ‘Mesh Studio’, some SL gadget that allowed you to build mesh inworld, no need for crazy software.

I tried it and was blown away, it works perfectly and fast.

But now I am addicted.

I have been rebuilding everything, yes everything, into a mesh object.

As I have created an entire city neighbourhood, that is a lot.

I finally have the feeling I can build stuff to look the way I want it to look without it costing a trillion prims.

80 prim houses are turned into 14 prim palaces!

I am crazy about details, so I am excited that now I can add tiny architectural ‘sticky out bits’ to my houses, making them a little more realistic.

Loving it!

Mind you, I know I still don’t understand mesh completely and half the time I am guessing things and now and then I make big mistakes.

I might still have to redo everything at a later time, but that is just how I work, I am annoying and stubborn like that.

I don’t pay attention in class, I don’t understand instructions and won’t learn till I’ve tried it myself.

Not the most practical way of learning…

Anyway, mesh is awesome, it makes things look better, uses less prims and if I’m not mistaken it even makes the servers work less hard.

The only scary thing is that I use a pretty good computer for SL and I fear that those who visit Berlin with a less able computer may see things differently, so I have to keep checking if other people see the buildings the way I want them to?

Sometimes mesh doesn’t rezz at all, that is bad if your city is made with mesh!

And building a physic model can be a pain… not to mention that SL very very very often gets stuck while trying to upload mesh.

On the other hand, the good things outweigh the bad and it feels like we’re still at the pioneering phase.

And I am amazed that simply by getting this inworld mesh builder, I can now start making and selling mesh stuff that nobody else has made yet.
The most basic items that are easy to make with mesh are still unavailable .
So even some mesh noob like me can conquer marketplace by making something simple from mesh and still be one of the first to offer it.

I don’t know about everyone else, but every time I look for something on marketplace these days, I use mesh as part of the search and only buy sculpt if it is no longer available as mesh.

I guess I am now a real mesh addict.