Soon SL will become available trough Steam, the online game shop/community and will thus reach millions of people who may not have heard about SL or may have thought it died long time ago.

Some people are worried because they feel that the gamers community might not be interested in the virtual online world or because they feel it is not a game, it does not belong anywhere near steam.

But Steam won’t be ‘selling’ SL as a game, they will be offering it to their members as software, or at least, that is the idea.

Today Steam has added a new section to its website where they are offering Software.

Quite interesting and it already offers some nice goodies such as free Machinima software.

I expect Second Life to be offered there shortly.

Personally I am quite excited about this.

After all I am an avid gamer, I am active on steam but also on SL and think the two mix together very well.

And even if Steam won’t bring millions of new users to SL, this move has at least let the gamer community and press know we’re still here.