From the day I decided to stay in Second Life, I’ve been obsessed with authenticity and realism.
I wanted things to be as real as possible and that is why one of the first things I made myself was a bed.
My avatar needed to sleep!

Ever since, beds have been frustrating me.
Somehow it was very difficult to find low prim realistic single beds.
But the secret of Second Life is; “If you can’t find something, make it yourself”.
So I spend countless hours making a 2 prim land impact sculpted bed with shape changing blanket and custom animations.
I was relatively happy, I had done the best I could with the tools I had.
Nevertheless I found the result rather ugly.
Sadly it seemed that you have to make a choice; quality or (prim) quantity.

When mesh came to Second Life, I was delighted, I knew that now I could make a nice bed that would be low land impact but at least look good.
But to me a bed isn’t a bed if you can’t sleep IN it, and most beds in SL look good but don’t allow you to crawl under the blankets for a good night sleep.
And somehow watching your avatar sleep under blankets is just a very nice and comforting sight.

As mesh software makes my brain implode, I got Mesh studio (can’t praise it enough!) and build some much better looking beds inworld.Unfortunately Mesh Studio isn’t so good for making soft and flowing objects, after all you need to be able to build it with prims first and making a nice soft looking blanket is very very hard with just prims.
Luckily the very kind Piraiyah Novikov was willing to help me out and made me the blankets I needed.

After 4 years of looking but not finding what I wanted to own, and later wanted to build, I now have the beds I wanted.

Here you go, historic yet timeless single beds, only 2 prim landimpact.
The bed comes with 6 blanket textures, but you can buy others from my shop or try make your own!
The blanket change shape when you go to sleep, so your avatar will appear to be actually under the blankets.
It comes with a nice set of animations but does not have any adult or couple situations.
But you can easily buy separate poseballs for that on marketplace.

And yes, work on double beds has already begun.

Available from my shop in Vintage Retro;

And here on marketplace;
Cast Iron Edwardian
Cast Iron Victorian

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