The San Francisco Chronicle posted a rather interesting interview with Rod Humble on its site today.

You can read all of it by following this link, but I’m sharing a few extra interesting bits here;

We are continuing to invest in Second Life and also other future virtual worlds, which will be next generation. I do think virtual worlds are going to enjoy significant growth again in the future. You don’t have that level of consistent response over time unless there’s something there.

I don’t think, in principle, there’s any barrier to it becoming very, very large. Whether it will ever be as large as a social-networking site like Facebook, I don’t know, but I certainly think there’s a lot of room for growth.


With “The Sims,” we definitely discovered that people love watching people. When we were working on it, we used to call “The Sims” hamsters with jobs because they didn’t speak English. It’s very much a similar vibe. The No. 1 best-seller within Second Life is hair. The number one best-seller always in “The Sims” was hair.


The past couple of years, we’ve made it a lot easier to use. We’ve just released a significant improvement in performance. It used to be pretty laggy, and that’s gotten dramatically better, and there’s more improvements coming this year. It doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s really important.


Q:Is there going to be a Second Life 2?

A: It’s not going to be for a few years, but it’ll be something next gen. What we’ll call it, I don’t know. The fundamental aim is to make sure that everybody who wanted to love Second Life will love our future products.

There’s an awful lot of people who tried Second Life and for whatever reason, it didn’t resonate for them. That number is 36 million. That’s a lot of people who tried it and said “eh,” for whatever reason. My aim is to get those people (back).


Every indication is that Second Life will continue to thrive. I do think that virtual worlds and this ability for everybody to make their own place is going to grow significantly.

Please make sure you read the full article as well.

Original article by Benny Evangelista.