Linden Lab just announced that it really is time to update those viewers.

Early next week they are rolling out ‘Project Shining‘ (All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…).

I quote

the single largest capital investment in new server hardware upgrades in the history of the company. This new hardware will give residents better performance and more reliability.”

Sounds good ey?

Project Sunshine stands up a Texture Compositing server that is separate from the Sims servers. When a Viewer needs to render an Avatar, it sends a message to the Sim, which in turn sends a message to the Texture Compositing Server. The Texture Server then performs the texture compositing and sends the results back to the Viewer.

In short; Second Life will become better.

Unless… you keep using that old viewer!

Then SL will become a LOT worse.

So time to get with the times daddy-o!