When Mesh first came to Second Life, I was worried.

Somehow I am wired in such a way that whenever I try Mesh software such as blender, my brain implodes and escapes my head via my ears.

So I was very excited to hear about ‘Mesh Studio’, this tool allows you to turn something build with regular prims into mesh with just a few clicks.

You build your object, stick the mesh script in it, tweak it a bit, experiment a little and then you click a few times and you have your building turned to mesh.

Of course it takes some getting used to and you’ll need to learn a few tricks, but it is still a zillion times easier than any software I know.

I’ve been turning my entire Berlin sim to mesh with it ever since and only get into trouble when I want to create something that is fluid, like a blanket.

Everything that is hard to make with prims, is hard to turn into mesh with Mesh Studio.,

Anyway, this got me thinking.

Linden Lab could/should pay these creators and add this mesh creation option to the build window.

Mesh is good for everyone, it brings down the amount of textures used, gets rid of laggy sculpts and generally makes SL look better and more detailed.

But Mesh is not easy to make if you don’t have Mesh studio or spend some very long nights trying to figure out how Blender works.

This creates a rift between those who can make mesh and those who can’t.

Shopkeepers without this ability are being left behind and new people may decide to never even try and make stuff because they know they’ll have to put in such a huge effort.

I think it would be a swell idea to add a big red mesh button to the viewer’s build window, especially now other 3rd party viewers are also offering this option.

Till then, make sure you give Mesh Studio a try.

Without it I would probably still be trying to figure out Blender.