I’ve found 3D modeling a pain, the software makes my brain cry.

But Rod Humble shared this amazing video that seems to make 3D modeling very easy.

With just a few clicks the “3-Sweep technique” seems to pull an image out of a photo and turn it into a 3D object.

At the moment this is still in development but if it becomes public I am sure the creators of Second Life would be quite excited.

Especially now that mesh has made creating more difficult, something like this could bring easy ‘meshing’ back to the masses.

Although this may only happen if Linden Lab fixes the huge accidental (?) typo in the current TOS that allows them to own everything uploaded into SL…

They need to put the โ€œsolely for the purposes of providing and promoting the Serviceโ€ phrasing back and all will be well again.

For more about the HUGE TOS problem, read this;