Today Linden Lab released a new video showing how Second Life has improved recently and how it will become even better in the near future.

I think that this is a pretty good and smart video, because one of the thing we often hear from outsiders is that SL is outdated, slow, ugly, etc.

And I think that showing people who tried SL in the past but left how it is today can be enough to bring them back.

The question that of course remains is if those people who see this video come (back) to SL will be excited or disappointed.

Have a look at it and once you’ve seen it, join me below to analyse it and read my opinion about it.

Nice intro, good to see some ancient footage!

The infographic flashes by way too fast, a shame because there are some interesting things on there.

Love seeing the avatar change, that will impress people I reckon and of course the lovely shadows.

Many people think that SL is way behind when it comes to graphics, even though that of course also depend a lot on where you go and who build the sim you’re visiting.

But I’ve seen plenty of avatars and places that don’t look that much different from some up to date games.

The disco footage doesn’t impress me much, I don’t see amazing lighting there, superb windlight settings or a stunning location.

The Grand Canyon (if thats what it is) on the other hand does look very nice.

Good job on showing the faster avatar loading, although on my computer they still sometimes remain grey for a while, but I reckon that is because some clothes designers still use 1024 pixel textures.

I can’t judge new and improved welcoming experience, I’ll have to try it out some time.

Not sure about the chat and communication either as I use firestorm.

Well done on mentioning the very new Facebook options.

Not sure if outsiders are impressed by a new improved shopping experience, must confess I’m not that happy with Marketplace and doubt new users will be.

A really smart move is showing the Oculus Rift, that is big and even though there are still some people out there who have their doubts about if it will make an impact on the gaming world and our Second Life world, it is a fact that it is a subject a lot of people are interested in.

And well done on asking people to rediscover Second Life, because that is something we should work on.

Many people try SL and leave, I was one of those myself.

I think that there will be a few people who will return to SL after seeing this and other outsiders will see this and realise SL has improved.

I’d like to make a suggestion for another video; one concentrating on the graphics.

So often people moan about SL having outdated graphics and being ugly and even today there are still many journalists who write about SL but then stick a screenshot from 2007 underneath it!

I know that much of SL is not that attractive and that you need a pretty amazing computer to see SL at its ultra settings.

But there are quite a few gems in Second Life that would blow a lot of people’s minds.

It would be great to make a simple video montage of some of the most stunning views in our virtual world, there are lots of them online, such as in this great Flickr Group.

And excuse me for being immodest, but I can’t help but close with this screenshot I recently took in the 1920s Berlin project region of Tiergarten;