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It looks like Linden Labs latest PR video is causing a little bit of a buzz.

And most of that seems to be because at the very end they mention the Oculus Rift.

A lot of people appear to be interested in the Rift and the combination with Second Life is interesting to many of them, even the skeptical ones and those who don’t seem to like SL much.

For instance, ‘The Verge’ did an article about SL on the 24th and now on the 27th they did another one because of the video.

That is good publicity, well done LL.

But they are not the only one.

It is (becoming) a hot topic of discussion, sadly this also reminds us of the bad reputation SL has.

Everywhere you hear the old comments of “Does that still exist?!” to “Oh where the pervy furries do the naughty things” and “Oh where they have graphics from 2007?”.

However, I think the video LL just made gets is a step in the right direction to change peoples opinions of SL and I hope that their next PR step will be showing how pretty SL can be.

I am a gamer and have played some very recent games and although of course, SL’s graphics can’t quite reach the level of many of those games, I’ve also been in some sims where at least visually things get pretty close.

I think that it would be a great idea if LL started some sort of photo contest, picked the most stunning pictures made in SL and shared those with the world.

Or perhaps invite some of the best Machinima makers and ask them to shoot some stunning footage for a PR video purely made to let people know SL moved on.

I can see it now… Second Life… has such bad graphics… and then a amazing montage of some of SL’s most amazing places with superb windlight settings, shadows, the works…

Fade to black; This is how Second Life can look, we moved on, come along with us.

Come to think of it, one video per cliche might be fun.

One video about how Second Life is all virtual hanky panky (by showing all the other things also happening in SL), one about that it is only for people who like to dress up and pretend to be barbie (by showing the enormous diversity in avatars), one about that it is only for losers (by showing smart, educated, funny SL users as they are in RL), that it is laggy (by showing what SL looks like on a up to date computer), one about that it is only a virtual chatroom (by showing roleplaying, education, art), etc.

Sure, SL can be bad, but do you think that Rockstar games shows the lowest quality GTA 5 footage in its advertisements?

We need to let people know that Second Life is still here, is not what many people seem to think it is, that it has improved and that it will improve even more.

So more videos, more up to date pictures (contact those journalists that keep using 2007 screenshots!!) and keep the buzz going.

Anyway, I am getting distracted, back to the subject.

If you search the internet for Second Life and Oculus Rift, you’re getting quite a few hits, many of them quite recent.

And no, I promise, I’m not responsible for all of them… although you probably will bump into me at some of those sites 😉

Anyway, all of this makes it clear that no matter how it ends up, a lot of people are now watching this and are keeping an eye on how Second Life and the Oculus Rift will work together… or not.

Just as I predicted and expected.

So I am glad that LL seems to take this very serious as well.

I may be a bit too optimistic, but I still think that the Virtual reality renaissance that is about to happen could also mean a renaissance for Second Life.