Due to computer issues I managed to completely miss this latest news from Linden Lab about more improvements!

It seems like they have been doing a lot of good work fixing some of the issues people have been experiencing for a long time.

These improvements promise a much faster and more pleasant experience in SL.

And without wanting to sound grateful; About time!

Technically this does not improve the SL experience much but because the things you see close to you rez faster, it will feel like things have improved a lot.

After all, you won’t notice that a tree on the other side of the region is not rezzing till you actually get there and by that time, it has of course rezzed.

A huge improvement is also that regions you visit a lot can be stored in your cache and kept there, on your computer at home.

This means that those sims rez even faster.

Extra handy for people like me who spend 99% of their time in the same place.

But there is also bad news, apparently this was the final phase of the series of improvements planned by Linden Lab.

I think that most of us in SL would like to see this recent wave of advancements continue!

There is still so much to do.

For starters I’d like to be able to actually wear mesh clothes, 2 years after mesh was introduced in SL they still don’t work if your avatar isn’t shaped like Barbie.

Anyway, progress is good and I can’t wait to see these improvements.

Unfortunately the new viewer doesn’t work for macbooks with old operating systems like mine.

Here is the LL video introducing the improvements, in case you’ve missed it;