This is great news and an improvement many people have been desperately waiting for for a long time.

Linden Lab announced that they are releasing the Fitted Mesh project viewer.

The idea is that this will allow mesh clothes to fit to your body in stead of having to fit your body to the clothes.

I am not that much into fashion and gladly wear the same virtual outfit every day for months.

But my avatar is based on me in RL and I am not a Barbie or catwalk model, so unfortunately every 1920s outfit I’ve bought would not fit me unless I was willing to change my body and as I spend all my time roleplaying, I don’t suddenly want to look completely different.

Also a much thinner avatar just wouldn’t be me.

So for the last couple of years I’ve been avoiding mesh clothes, but now it seems they may even fit me.

This viewer is experimental, so it could still be a little while before this goes grid wide, also it seems it will only work on clothes specially made to work with this system.

So don’t expect to suddenly be able to fit into all your mesh clothes.

But it is coming!

If you’re interested in the technical details, want to see some screenshots and read about how it all works, follow this link to the excellent article by Inara Pey on her blog here.