I’ve never liked Animation Overriders, just to stop myself from walking like a drunk duck, I had to go spend ages looking for one of those AO’s, spend money (as a Dutch person, I hate that), and then I had to fine tune it, remember to activate it all the time, deactivate it for certain objects, I had to walk around with some ugly button on my screen, etc, etc.

And being someone who wants her avatar to look as much like her RL me as possible, I wanted an AO that made me walk like a grumpy, tired 41 year old woman, not some sexy catwalk model.
There isn’t much of a market for AO’s like that.
In SL you’re eather a 20 something wild young thing, or a 90 year old granny.

Anyway, now that LL has recently changed the skeleton of our avatars to work better with the new mesh clothes that actually adjust to your body in stead of us having to adjust our bodies to the clothes, I was wondering if perhaps it was about time they also updated our custom animations.

I don’t know how old the custom animations are, I’ve been here for about 5 years now and I don’t remember them changing.
Our regular walk and especially our run, are rather silly.
I think it would be relatively easy to give our avatars some decent animations, there are enough very talented animators in SL who could do a great job here.
We don’t need much, just a more realistic and normal male and female walk, run and sit.
This way we also don’t kill the AO market, most AO’s offer a lot more options and most people in SL will still want to buy an AO.

But especially the penniless noobs will be a lot happier and us oldtimers will be less annoyed whenever we turn our AO off to cut down on lag.

I think this is a small job that could make a lot of people very happy.