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This is a funny way for Second Life to reach the world news again, although the story makes little sense.

Lily Allen, who apparently is a world famous star, posted this on twitter two days ago;


It is of course very funny to hear that someone regrets not performing in Second Life, even though the main motive here is just financial reward.

This starlet has over 4 million followers on Twitter and 3 million on Facebook, so it is a big name who is now making some free advertising for our virtual world.

I wonder who made her the offer!

But if this really happened 5 years ago, she is mistaken.

Bitcoin has just celebrated its 5th anniversary so if this indeed happened 5 years ago, there would not have been “hundreds of thousands” of bitcoins in existence.

She probably means Linden Dollars, a lot less valuable but generally more stable and more easy to convert to real money.

Still, in the end Second Life got some free publicity!