In RL history plays an important part of my life, it is my job and I am very close to several people who lived trough the Second World War.

I am very happy that history and especially the war is also very important to many of the people involved in the 1920s Berlin Project, the sim I started almost 5 years ago.

It isn’t much of a surprise though as of course we are reminded of the dark years that followed the Weimar republic on almost a daily basis here in Second Life’s 1920s Berlin.

There is no escaping the political tension and the dark clouds on the horizon, even in this virtual world.

I am very proud that thanks to the people of this project and the many random visitors of 1920s Berlin, we collected enough money to sponsor a ‘Stolperstein’ monument, these are little monuments, the size of a cobblestone, to individual victims of Nazism.

You can find these stones in the pavements all over Europe.

We have put another donation meter at the entrance of our sim (click for slurl) and hope to collect enough money this year to sponsor 2 of these stones.

More about this on the 1920s Berlin blog here;

This is the stone we supported last year, you can see it on the Rykestrasse 54 in RL Berlin.