Another Drax Files Radio Hour!
With things to win!

the drax files radio hour

show #6 show #6

voila =  here is show numero 6: fascinating discussion this week with philosopher [and alphaville herald reporter] peter ludlow [starts around 32:00] about governance in virtual worlds, griefer management & investigative journalism plus: one billion rising against violence against women [we talk with saffia widdershins about the sl version of today’s global event].

enjoy [here or on stitcher]!

and here are links for further reading:

– breaking news: loki eliot does station id & crazy sl light reflection test!

– humanoid animations give-away: what are the two methods of making animations for games/virtual worlds? send answer with subject line “giveaway” to, the deadline is 2/21/14

– the gridnauts from ll and ibm teleport across grids in 2008:

– fitted mesh released [and our guests eboni khan & shai delacroix have opinions on it!]

– ll publishes faq on required tax/account documentation

stem and…

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