Ebbe Altberg, new CEO of Linden Lab is continuing his wave of communication, much to the delight of SL users everywhere.

One of the topics people are most keen to hear him talk about is the ToS debacle that I’ve written about before here.

Today on the official SL forums he said the following;

I’m still getting up to speed on that topic. I’ve had several discussions about it. It’s not a simple topic.

Trust me. It’s not becuase we have an intent to arbitrarily profit from your stuff without your permission. That would be very bad for us as we’re all about user to user. We could seriously harm ourselves if we started doing that.

But, the edge cases and the potential cost to us in certain scenarios are quite substantial.

Making the spirit and the language match up seems to be very difficult. I’ll learn more over time but for now I can’t promise anything other than what I said above.

Another step in the right direction!


Nobody knows what may happen in the future. But we have no intent to steal your stuff. I can imagine scary scenarios that are more likely to happen, that none us have control over,  that would concern me more. I don’t see how SL as we know it could be successful if we started to steal your stuff. I certainly don’t see a business model based on stealing stuff that could last very long…so I don’t really see the logic in this conversation. It sounds scary to some of you but how it could really become a real problem I don’t really know.


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