Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how we could promote Second Life and find a way to deal with some of its bad reputation.

I hate being modern, hip and groovy, but today a lot of messages are spread trough the use of ‘meme’s; a single picture with a short text or quote.

I’m sure you’ve seen them pop up now and then.

In some cases they go viral, which sounds disgusting but is a good thing, it means a lot of people share them and they get talked about, a lot.

So I reckon that making our own meme’s about Second Life, its bad reputation, misconceptions, and potential, is a cheap, fun and easy way for us to promote Second Life.

Of course it would be even better if Linden Lab did something like this, but well, Second Life is our world too, so we should stick up for it now and then, even if LL is not spending money on a new advertisement campaign or does not confront journalists who use 2007 screenshots to illustrate their articles about SL.

Anyway, I just made this meme that fights the bad reputation SL has.
The name Second Life has caused many a joker to make that 10 year old remark about how they don’t need a second one because their first one is so great… yeah right.

I think that Stephen Fry is a good name to promote SL with, like him or not, he is intelligent, famous, has a few million twitter followers, is a good writer and well, clearly has a very busy, successful and interesting life.

So I used a quote of him to promote Second Life, I think it will surprise a few people that he said that.

To be honest, he said this in 2007, I have no idea if he still uses Second Life, he may have grown sick of it.
I’ve asked him, but no reply yet.

I hope that perhaps Linden Lab will consider using someone like Fry to promote SL.

Or at least some interesting people, famous or not, who are SL users but who don’t fit the stereotype.
Show the world that Second Life is used by intelligent, educated, funny, pretty and nice people who actually also have a busy active and interesting first life.

I am sure there are a bunch of celebrities who used Second Life and still do, getting them to promote it might be a good idea.

Start with asking Stephen Fry if he still uses it!
If not, get him excited (again) about Second Life, send him the Oculus Rift the second it goes commercial… with the SL oculus ready viewer already installed…
He is known for being crazy about tech gadgets and such, he will love it.

While we’re on the topic, do you know of any celebrities who (still) use Second Life?
Getting some of them to talk about it or even just mentioning their names can give SL more publicity and reputation boosts than all the advertising they could buy.

Stephen Fry has 3 million twitter followers, imagine if he, just once, mentioned still using and loving Second Life…

second life fry meme copy