Continuing on the subject of Second Life’s reputation amongst people who haven’t used it and in the media, I wanted to ask my readers a few questions.

I base my ideas on this topic on my own personal interaction with friends, family and strangers on the internet and on what I read in articles and stories written by journalists.

People seem to have several opinions on Second Life that are not true or that at least could be a bit more balanced.

First I’d like to collect a few of these opinions and then I want to hear from you what you have experienced.

Opinions people have about Second Life;

  • Strange place where perverts hang out and do weird things.
  • No longer exists.
  • Shallow game where people dress up avatars and just chat.
  • Virtual world but with 2007 quality graphics.
  • Flying penises everywhere.

I am sure there are more, feel free to let me know.

As far as I am concerned these are misrepresentations, although partly true, they are not completely valid.

Some are easy to disprove, sure SL CAN look pretty bad and does look horrendous if you’re exploring a badly build sim with an old computer, but there are plenty of stunning pictures available that show SL can also look pretty stunning.

Most people probably don’t have an opinion about Second Life at all, it was something big a decade ago and has very rarely popped up in the media since.

There isn’t a lot of advertising for it and you don’t bump into it very much unless you look for it.

So it is quite understandable that some people will say respond with “What is Second Life?” when asked about it.

But when I started using Second Life and publically mentioning it amongst friends on facebook and in personal chats and even last night during a party, I generally get some of the comments above.

Everyone seems to at least remember it and with generally some negative connotations.

The media does not help of course, when SL turned ten so many articles brought up the negative stories without mentioning that some of them were really old, and as a cherry on top, many used 2009 screenshots without mentioning the date.

So, my question to you is, how do people respond when Second Life is mentioned?

Does SL still have a bad reputation, or after all these years, does it have no reputation at all?

Is this something LL should fix, something we should help fix or something that will eventually just sort itself out?

I see a big problem with SL’s reputation, but perhaps I’m the only one?