After listening to a few interviews with the people behind SLGo and hearing many people share their opinion on this new service, I’ve decided to share a few facts and figures here.

  • The idea for SLGo came from the owner of OnLive Gerry Lauder, based on discussions he had with Rod Humble, former CEO of Linden Lab.
  • Nate Barsetti who worked on SLGo for OnLive is a long time SL user and a former Linden himself, Scout Linden.
  • OnLive can also connect to Steam, allowing you to play all your steam games on any mobile device.
  • One of the SLGo data centers is in the same building as Linden Lab Servers.
  • About a year has been spend working on SLGo.
  • You can’t download snapshots to your computer but you can save them to your inventory, however this costs you L$10 a picture.
  • Advanced and development menus not available n SLGo.
  • Current status is Open Beta.
  • At the moment it costs $2.50 for one hour, $8 for 3 hours or $25 for 10 hours.
  • Dennis Harper, senior product manager at OnLive, also tried Second Life but was not heavy user, he did a lot of research to try and understand SL better for this project.
  • The goal is not to replace SL on home computers but to offer a mobile alternative for irregular use.
  • Current pricing was decided when it was not clear what the user user patterns were going to be, once they understand how people are going to use SLGo, they may be able to provide subscription packages where you can use as much as you want for a single fee.
  • Dennis Harper says that you don’t have to use SLGo, you can use Lumyia but you won’t get the same kind of immersive experience.
  • IOS is in the works but they would prefer to fix some things first.
  • OnLive wants your feedback.
  • Dennis Harper hopes that SLGo will benefit the growth of Second Life.
  • SLGo customer support team is manned by SL users.
  • You can’t save snapshots to your inventory (yet) but you can email them to yourself or place them on your SL profile page.

I’ve asked James Beaven of OnLive a few of your questions and can add the following information;

  • SLGo will work throughout Europe but currently only major credit cards charged in USD or GBP are accepted.
  • OnLive is looking into expanding their payment methods in the near future and PayPal is under consideration.
  • As soon as Onlive has more information on customer usage patterns and general usage behavior has been analyzed, different pricing options may be offered that benefit both SLGo users and OnLive.

Make sure to turn into the Drax Files Radio Hour tomorrow to hear the full interviews and much more.

And just because she is so cute, here another picture of my three legged dog Lili with the tablet.