Stories about parts no longer being made for the Oculus have been going around for a bit, but now the virtual reality headsets are officially out of stock.

It is interesting to see how desired the headsets are, not only was the kickstarter supported more than anyone could imagine, but it seems that besides game developers, lots and lots and lots of regular people just can’t wait for the consumer version.

To me this shows that the world is ready for proper VR and tired of waiting for it.

It also shows me that the average gamer is not very patient, but as a gamer myself, that isn’t very surprising 🙂

This probably means that Oculus Rift will soon release the HD version of the headset development version, or that finally, the consumer version will be announced.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 16.45.28

It would be wise to do so because so many companies are trying to get their slice of the VR headset and are developing their own headsets, including some companies with  more money than Father Christmas.

If a big company suddenly releases an affordable VR headset that works just as well or better than the Rift, Oculus VR may have missed its window.

Besides wishful thinking, there may be more reasons to expect the consumer version to be announced soon.

Next week the Game Developers Conference (GDC) starts, Oculus VR will be present here and some people expect some interesting announcements.

We’ll have to wait and see.

It shows that Linden Lab is just in time or perhaps already too late with their Oculus Rift viewer trials, I think that the Oculus ready viewer should be up and running before the consumer version becomes available.

Against my better judgement, I like to think that a bunch of SL users all ordering their headsets because of the SL Oculus Beta viewer is the reason they are now sold out 😉

I also think that Linden Lab has to start flirting, bribing, inviting, meeting and talking with the Oculus VR team to try and get Second Life added or at least mentioned in the leaflet that will accompany the consumer version.

Because regardless of your opinion of Second Life, it still is the biggest user created online virtual reality world and it should be an interesting playground for any Oculus Rift user.

Maybe LL together with OnLive can offer every new Oculus Rift owner 30 minutes free trial of SLGo!
Or sign up for SL with the code that accompanied your headset and get a one month free premium account including some land to play on.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 16.45.14