I’ve written before about how I think that the bad reputation SL has is a problem and about how I think that LL should work on improving it.

As far as I am concerned it is a big deal that so many outsiders think that SL is either dead or that it is a cesspit of filthy perverts and shallow people who just want to look like barbie.

Don’t get me wrong, SL IS both those things, but it is so much more.

I think that LL and the SL users need to work on getting SL a better reputation.

Not only do we have to make people realise that SL offers so many different kinds of entertainment, art, social interaction, etc, but also that it has some pretty amazing graphics that really are not as bad as those 2007 screenshots you see with every article seem to suggest.


You can imagine how delighted I was when I spotted this advertisement today.

Seriously Linden Lab?
Is this how you want to lure people to Second Life?
Is this what SL is?

I am not even mentioning sexism, objectification, etc.
Don’t tell Anita Sarkeesian about this ad.
Is that guy in the back winking?
But if I had seen this advertisement before I had joined SL… I would not have bothered.

What is Second Life to the PR department of LL?

A place where you can make friends with bikini wearing models?

Why not have one bikini wearing model and one astronaut, or knight in shining armor, or librarian or detective, or builder, etc, etc.

This advertisement tells me that SL is not for me, that I do not want my family members to ever hear about it, that if my friends told me they were into SL, I’d be embarrassed to know them.

This advertisement does not only strengthen the bad image SL has, it reinforces and promotes it.
It says; “Yes SL is exactly what the media thinks it is”.

That is disappointing.

We all know that SL is a great place for Barbie and Ken wannabes who want to spend all their virtual time on a beach.

But that is what the rest of the world seems to think SL is, worse, they seem to think that that is ALL SL is.


For as long as I can remember, SL has never advertised with any of the subjects that I find appealing.
As far as I know most of the people I know in SL are also more interested in those things LL never advertises with.
Yet all these people are hardcore SL users who spend a lot of time there, not to mention money.
But LL keeps trying to lure the kind of people who perhaps prefer IMVU.

Every time I mention SL to outsiders, I have to defend it, explain that it is NOT what the media says.

But it seems that LL is saying those things as well.

I’ve heard it many times before; “LL doesn’t get SL”.


Thanks Grizzla for finding this picture.

And although I wouldn’t say that, I do have to agree that they at least aren’t sure about how they should advertise it.

Either way, I don’t think this is the right way.

Sure, maybe I am overreacting a bit, but how do you want the rest of the world to see Second Life and its users?

I’ll say it again, I don’t mind LL advertising this side of SL, but I do mind that they seem to ignore all the other sides.

And to me, the option to look like a model and run around in bikini is not what I find interesting about SL.

The best part about SL is not only that you can be whatever you want, but that you can BUILD whatever you want.
It is the ultimate sandbox!
Not the ultimate sand beach.

Maybe LL should start a competition, ask us, the users who have been loyal to their world for years, who keep throwing money at it, what kind of advertising we think might work.

LL is spending money on these advertisements, someone is writing them, designing them, making the pictures.
But I have to wonder if they just hired an agency and if that person who makes them is an active SL user.

Finally, look at this charming, civilized and educational advertisement for Kaneva.
Is that the level we want SL ads to be at?

How would YOU advertise SL?


Although I do not want to play a vampire either, at least this advertisement showed a different side of SL, although it does still remind me too much of an IMVU advertisement.