1. 1.
    (of a computer display or system) generating a three-dimensional image that appears to surround the user.

To me Second Life is all about immersing myself in a virtual world, preferably one I can not visit in RL such as a historical location.

With Virtual Reality about to go mainstream and computers getting better and better, immersion, realistic scale and detail will become more and more important.

Most of Second Life is not ready for this yet.

But I wanted to share with you this amazing video that was just released by Ubisoft.

It is a sneak preview of the game they are working on now, the next chapter in their famous ‘Assasin’s creed’ series.

A weird silly game with a nonsense story… but it allows the player to visit lots of historical locations and in stunning detail.

I love this game even though I get killed every 4 minutes because I’m staring at some nice building or other detail.

This demo blew me away and I can’t help but dream that one day SL will be able to look like that… one day…

Make sure to watch it in HD.