In an interview with Sean Hollister at The Verge, Oculus VR founder Palmer Lucky announced that the company being bought by Facebook will make Virtual reality better and cheaper.

This does let the headset be better and cheaper. Our roadmap is about the same as it’s always been, but there are a lot of things we’d wanted to do that now we can really execute on. This does make the Rift cheaper and better, both in the near term and the long term.

He also said that Oculus VR will remain independent;

Mark does believe in our vision of virtual reality, and we’re going to continue operating independently, delivering what we’ve always wanted to deliver. This gives us a lot of resources to do what we’ve always wanted to do, but it doesn’t change what we want to do.

They didn’t answer a question about starting their own virtual reality platform, but I think that is probably exactly what they are doing.

A VR version of facebook where you share a 3D space in stead of a page?

Should LL be worried?

Make sure to read the original interview here at The Verge.