After Roberta was diagnosed with cancer, having not long to left to live, her granddaughter Priscilla (Pri), a video game art designer, decided she wanted to to something nice for her gran with the help of virtual reality.

Roberta had been confined to her house and had told Pri that she so wished to travel or even just simply walk around her own yard, but the illness made this impossible.

Pri emailed the developers of Oculus rift and asked them if perhaps they could help Roberta go outside again.
They send her a devkit the same day.

Soon Roberta was exploring a lovely villa in Tuscany.

This touching video shows her being able to go “outside” one more time.

Afterwards Pri and her gran had plans to have more VR adventures and travels but unfortunately Roberta died 4 weeks later.

I couldn’t help imagining what it would have been like if I could have shown my uncle, the war hero who recently died, the house where he grew up but he hadn’t been able to revisit since the war.

When I am old myself and perhaps no longer able to go outside, I know that by then we will be able to keep having adventures, travel around the world, in space and time.
Maybe I will spend my last days revisiting the 1980s, hanging around my childhood home, watching tv, playing with my dog, while my mum cooks dinner.
That must be so therapeutic and calming.

Well done Oculus team, well done.