On the 9th of April Linden Lab send a lot (if not all) of SL users who frequently transfer Linden Dollars into real money, a message requesting information about your RL identity.

This has to do with current US “applicable laws” where Linden Lab is forced to obtain information identifying you as their customer.

I had heard about this before but assumed it was only something big users were confronted with, people who made thousands of RL dollars with SL every month.

But it seems also people who really don’t make that much money have to now fill in a form and send RL identity proof.

I am sure a lot of people will be upset about this but even worse is that this request may have escaped your attention.

When I received it I assumed it was spam and even after I had read it, I still thought it was a phishing attempt.

Some people don’t get the notification at all and it ends up in their spam folder or gets drowned out in other emails.

This happens because LL thought that the best way to get this rather important message to us was by creating a case, aka a ticket, in the support section of the SL website.

So the first thing you would have heard about this is an email telling you ‘a new case has been created’.

I immediately thought; “I didn’t create a support case, this is weird, I don’t trust it.”

I had no idea Linden Lab could create support cases for me!

So that is why it is probably a good idea to check your email for an email from ‘support@secondlife.com’ with as a title ‘case has been created’.

And just to be sure, also visit your support history page by clicking here.

Especially if you have recently made a Process Credit request to Linden Lab and you haven’t received your money yet.

If you don’t do this, if you’ve missed this, they may put an hold on your account and you can wait on your payment for ever.

I don’t know what the exact amount is that triggers this whole issue and if you never ever make any money with Second Life, this is probably not something for you to be worried about.
But it seems that the amount is not very high, after all I’m not making a lot of money myself.

Luckily the Support people were very friendly, patient and quick to respond to my questions.

So, if it takes longer than usual (about 5 days) for your Linden Dollars to be transferred to your RL wallet, go look into this.