SLGo_StillImage_768_432I was part of the beta test group for SLGo, the service provided by Onlive that lets you enjoy Second Life in Ultra settings on mobile devices but also on your old no good computers that stopped being able to handle SL long time ago.
As I wrote here on my blog, I was quite impressed with it and so seem most of the people who actually give it a go.
We weren’t happy about the prizing but luckily the Onlive people listened to us and made some drastic changes there.

I’ve been sharing my experiences with the Onlive people directly and they’ve asked me if I could ask you, my blog readers, to share your ideas on their service.
So directly from them to you;

1) If you haven’t tried SL Go… why?
2) If you’ve tried it and were not compelled to continue… why?

And as this is my blog, I’d like to add my own request;

3) If you’ve tried it, share your experiences!

Were you impressed, how did it work, do you have any ideas and suggestions on improvement?

As for myself, I rather like the service, I’m not a very mobile person but am very happy to now be able to use SL it on my old laptop again.
I haven’t used it very much (yet) for three reasons;
-I don’t have a European power plug for the tablet I borrowed and haven’t had time to get one.
-The viewer is based on the official SL viewer and well, I’m just so very used to the Firestorm viewer.
-At home I have a super alienware laptop and fast internet so I can enjoy SL at ultra settings anytime but I’m very happy to know that if something goes wrong I can still get into SL now on my old laptop and I am considering leaving my heavy alienware at home next time I go visit my parents and use SLGo there full time on my much smaller and lighter Macbook.
-One issue I’ve found irritating is that when Onlive decides that my connection isn’t good enough, my only option is to exit the entire service.
I’d prefer it if Onlive just returned me to a menu or just allowed me to start anyway because my connection is good enough and may just have a temporary drop.

So anyway, share your ideas, opinions, suggestions and experiences with SLGo in the comments, they will reach the Onlive folks.