UK newspaper The Guardian is asking its readers to share their favourite virtual cities.

We want to hear about your best-loved virtual places – from a beautiful view in GTA V to that 20-million-strong SimCity megalopolis you’ve been building (or possibly destroying). What would be the best video game cities to live in? The worst? Perhaps you’ve designed one you think would be better than your own city? Share your screengrabs and we’ll feature the best on Guardian Cities.

Although it seems they mostly are expecting pictures from games, of course Second Life has probably more cities than any game and much more interesting ones to boot.

So it is no surprise that SL users have been adding their pictures to the website.

Make sure you do the same, let them know Second Life is still going strong and a treasure trove of virtual cities.

You can add your pictures or videos by clicking HERE, you can also show your support by liking and recommending the ones you like.