sluniverse logoEbbe has logged onto the SLUniverse forum and is answering some of the questions Second Life users are asking him there directly.

You can read the actual forum post by clicking HERE and of course add your own questions.

I’ll be sharing some of his answers here and will be adding more as they come, so check back later as well.

Making it easy for people to bring their identity and social connections along would obviously make a lot of sense to do.

Don’t wait on anything. It will take a long time and then you can choose where to spend your time and energy.

Beta next year sometime.

SL will be here for a long time until we see how people decide between these worlds. Nobody here has even thought of talking about some shut down plan. Too far out to know. But we obviously plan to make something so good ultimately that you will prefer to go there.

I wasn’t really planning to talk about it at the TPV meeting but I’ve been talking to press this week where I do mention next gen platform, so I figured they might as well hear it from me…

I’m for freedom. I don’t want to moderate or control it (beyond making sure things are legal). And we’ll probably have ratings (G, M, A) or something like that so one can be “safe” if one does not want some kind of content…again, we’re creating something in the spirit of SL, but just want to make it much better…

We’re early in our discussions about business models but I’m thinking lower land tax and higher sales tax and ultimately aim to make things up with volume…(charge less to many rather than a lot to a few). This is possible with better tech and making something more people want to be part of.

Ebbe says yes to Linden Dollars and land ownership and sub letting.

Please wait several months…it’s too early to really discuss details. I’m just trying to calm things down a bit. For now we’re more or less just saying that we will work really hard to make a great virtual world that’s even better than the best one (SL) that exist today.

Cross-platform/device chat…yes.

We never stole your content to then sell and profit from it for ourselves. And we won’t.