The folks at SLGo are offering the people of SL a special promotion as part of Second Life’s 11th birthday celebrations!

This special promotional code will give you 75% off the first month of your SL Go subscription.
Combine that with the 7-Day free trial and they will get 5 weeks of SL Go for only $2.50!

This is of course extra interesting for those of us with old computers who would love to go explore SL11B without the lag such massive events are notorious for.
And not just without lag but also with ultra graphics!

Click the picture below or go to this page.

To claim the discount use the promotion code when signing up.
For US residents the code is SL11US and for UK residents the code is SL11UK.
This discount is also valid for people living outside the UK and US, jus pay with dollars or pounds.

The codes are only valid between June 22 and 29, 2014.

Oh and they’re actively fixing the ‘fitted mesh’ issue now!
Hopefully we should see a fix very soon.


Click to sign up for the promotion