Voices of VR‘ has published an interview with Ebbe Altberg recorded at The Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference last month.

Too early to discuss Second Life 2.

You can listen to the interview by clicking HERE.

Some highlights;

  • LL is going to enable users to use Second Life on a great amount of different devices.
  • SL reached its PR peak in 2006-2008, it was probably overhyped and not possible to deliver on the promise of VR at that point but today we’re hoping for further acceleration.
  • This is a good time and place for us to be in this business.
  • Ebbe spend quite a bit in SL and has a lot of fun with his Ebbe avatar or his alt.
  • Ebbe is all for openness and is not trying to create a walled garden, not trying to trap people’s content. Everything they create belongs to the user and if they want to take it out and then import that somewhere else that is perfectly fine.
  • We have a lot to do before we can become truly mass market and we still have a lot of problems to solve and one can spend too much time trying to get compatibility amongst lots of different things (virtual worlds) that don’t work as opposed to each of us just trying to make it work.
    Once we can get it to work then it becomes more interesting to talk about making things more compatible or make it easier to move in-between, but that is a premature since there are not that many of us today.
  • Inworld SL GDP is hundreds of millions of dollars, all user created stuff.
    To run an economy of that scale and keep it stable takes quite bit of effort.
  • A lot of people make a living from Second Life.
  • Stable economy is very important part of virtual world and we’re very proud of that.
  • LL is in the fortunate seat of being one of the leaders but it is way way early but everything is starting to come together and it is going to come to a point to do almost everything anytime.

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