As it turns out, avatars are not the only ones who want to use Facebook under different name than the one they have in Real Life.

Drag queens and transgender performers have now started a petition to be allowed to use Facebook under their stage names.

I find it insane that we are not allowed to make up any name we want, I understand why Facebook wants it, but people with fake identities buy real stuff too and advertising works on us just as well.

Anyway, most important is that there are lots of people who want to be on Facebook under a different name than the one they were born with, artists, people who change their gender, people trying to escape stalkers or their family, etc, etc.

In some cases their reasons are of course much more important than the one we Second Life users have, but in the end we all want the same.

I don’t expect Facebook to change their rules and suddenly let everyone use a fake name.
But I do hope they are smart enough to either give Page accounts more options or create a new kind of account for those of us who want to remain anonymous.

Hate or love facebook, it is a very powerful social tool that is a very handy way to stay in touch with your SL friends or community when you’re not inworld.
And with a facebook page, it just doesn’t work that well because you don’t have access to groups, group events, photo albums, etc, etc.
So if they let us use those, most of us will be happy enough.

Anyway, please click below to read the article on the BBC news page, it has a link to a petition, might not help us that much, but hey, can’t hurt to sign it either.
Any publicity against the Facebook identity rule is good, right?

Drag queens in Facebook name row

Drag queens BBC