There is a 100 avatar prim counting limit in Second Life, that means that if more than 100 people rez something in a region, scripts go nuts.
Prim count scripts for instance stop working and just ignore the 101st person and everyone above that.
This issue is caused by the “llGetParcelPrimOwners” function, it doesn’t count beyond 100 even  though technically, a lot more than 100 people can rez a prim in a region.

I know, this is a luxury problem, but one that will become more and more common as more people are starting to build to scale and it becomes easier to decorate an apartment nicely with fewer prims thanks to mesh.

Also remember that many tenants share their house or apartment with their partner, friend or even a family.
If that is the case, you soon end up with the same problem if you have only 50 tenants or less.
Imagine if you want to build a nice neighbourhood where people are welcome to live together with their partner and their 2 children.
That is 4 people per house, unless you want to count all prims manually, you’re limited to 25 houses.

In 1920s Berlin we’ve been lucky enough to be a place where  a lot of people want to live and thanks to building to realistic scale (using the prim measurements) and having a big poor neighbourhood where people live in tiny apartments or even just a small room (with a shared toilet!), we soon reached this limit of SL.
Which was quite confusing because we had no idea and had to bother our rental system builder to ask him why the prims our tenants used weren’t counted properly.

But here we are, I’ve had to shut some of the apartments and even make some of them into apartments that you’re not allowed to share with friends, simply because we can’t allow more people to rez things in Berlin.

I am sure Linden Lab had a good reason for this limit, 100 people rezzing stuff in one single region is probably quite demanding for servers and not the best way to avoid lag…
Still, would it be such a huge deal to raise this limit to 120 or even 110?

I know that a small change like that would allow us to have more apartments, allow more people to enjoy living in our city.

I don’t know much about the technical side of SL and I’m sure that wishing something like that would be changed is a crazy thing to ask.
Few people experience this issue and who knows, it may blow up the LL servers.

I still wanted to mention it because if you one day find that your busy sim is having issues with prims being counted, you now know it might be that you’re pushing this limit.