The people at Onlive are excited about SLGO and are clearly putting a lot of effort into promoting it.

Their newest announcement lets SLGO users earn 10$ for every new user they help find the way to SLGO.

It is very easy, just sign up, share the links and if people use your link to join up, you get paid!

I’ve written about SLGO before, but in short it is a paid service that lets you enjoy SL on mobile devices but also on very old computers that generally can’t run Second Life.
And not just that, it lets you run SL at ULTRA graphics settings, the way SL should be experienced.
It just isn’t the same without all those delicious shadows!

Yes it costs money, 9.95 (£6.95) per month for unlimited access or pay as you go for only $1.00 (£0.70) per hour.
I reckon that it is worth it, cheaper than buying a new computer that can handle SL at ultra settings or at least a handy option to have in case you need to get into SL right away and aren’t near your super duper desktop computer.
Not sure about it?
No worries, there is a 7 day free trial.

And SLGO now also works on your Ipad.

You can sign up by clicking the image below, and yes, I am using the SL promotion tools here, so by trying SL you’re also helping me make a few bucks.
Which is good because I have an expensive silk stockings, Absinth and stroopwafel addiction.


SLGo ipad ad promotionAnd on top of all that the people at SLGO have asked our very own Draxter to make a video about his SLGo Ipad adventures;