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The very impressive ‘Love to Decorate’ (A.K.A. LTD) Second Life design magazine has published a very nice article about me, my shop and the 1920s Berlin Project I started 5 years ago.

LTD logo

I hope you all go and read it, you can find it by clicking here.

Although design is not really a subject I usually get excited about, (unless its historical stuff of course), I have been very impressed with LTD because it is stunning.
The team behind it, led by Editorial Clarity, has done an amazing job.
It would not look out of place on the shelve of a RL magazine kiosk.
Not just the pictures but also the layout, the look, the ‘feel’, is spot on.

If you’re not a LTD reader yet, you’ve been missing out.

I’m not the only one who realised the amazing talent of the LTD crew.
Draxtor Despres made one of this wonderful Drax Files episodes all about Herr Clarity;

More about LTD on their website;

So I’m very proud they asked me for their November/December issue.

What made it extra special were the wonderful pictures made by Absinthe (aka sinontherocks Resident) that I’ve uploaded (with her permission) onto Flickr for you to enjoy there.
Check them out by following this link.

Picture by Absinthe (aka sinontherocks Resident)

Picture by Absinthe (aka sinontherocks Resident)