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Linden Lab is continuing their new improved active way of communicating and being approachable by creating a new “Feedback & Suggestions” page on SecondLife.com

Here Second Life users are encouraged to leave their thoughts on how their virtual life can be improved.

I have a blog full of ideas and plans, so I’ll be spamming that page right after finishing this blog.

If you have some fantastic plans to make Second Life even better, make sure to let them know.

You can share your thoughts by clicking HERE.

And you can read the full official announcement HERE.

My first suggestion?
Show a message that the suggestion has been received in stead of sending you to the sign in page and then a help page.
I’ve send in the same idea 3 times but have no idea if it has been received.

*Update; it works fine in Firefox but it still happens when I try it with Internet Explorer.