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A petition has popped up that asks Facebook to allow Second Life avatars to have a page, they however mean to ask Facebook for Second Life avatars to have a Facebook profile, because we’re already allowed to have Facebook pages, as long as they are managed by our RL profiles.

Will this make an impression on the Facebook people?

Probably not, I am not saying that because I am cynical but because Facebook only cares about publicity and numbers.

When cross dressers got upset about being forced to use their RL names, they caused quite a bit of fuss, demonstrated at FB HQ and received a lot of media attention.
Facebook listened to that.

Most people who have a profile on Facebook for their Second Life avatar are not going to demonstrate, we’re not going to get much media attention and to be fair, not that many of us are probably going to bother even signing the petition.

BUT… it can’t hurt to try, right?

After all, this will only work if a LOT of us sign it, if Facebook receives thousands of signatures, they will at least pay attention.

So why not give it a go and sign it.

Follow the link below and leave a signature;


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