Drax Files Radio Hour show about the DMCA;

the drax files radio hour

show #50 show #50

our 50th anniversary has tracy redangel and kitty o’toole discussing legal matters with us & fatima mekkaoui tells us her stories imvu. fascinating:

now on to more reading if you will:

firestorm is on sl go and sl go can enter multiple grids

shaken or stirred? shaken or stirred?

– congrats to rob [who are you though?] for winning a leap motion!

nimble vr gets bought by oculus

tele-presence still a thing?

iSee [heads floating in a theatre] iSee [heads floating in a theatre] – cory has just left the building…..

cory leaves FB cory leaves FB

neal stephenson joins magic leap & he is blogging

– remember when neal wanted to make a sword fighting game?

petition to get avatars back on fb

hey zuck come on! hey zuck come on!

– our guest fatima mekkaoui aka imokon neox

imvu mafia?

– our guests tracy redangel & kitty o’toole

dmca on wikipedia

official linden lab…

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