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Recently I shared a link to a petition that was going to ask Facebook to allow avatars a profile.

Today I read (thank you Ayame Kintsugi for the tip) about a petition that asks Facebook to allow performers to use their stage names on their profile.

And although the cynic in me thinks that Facebook doesn’t care, I also think it can’t hurt to sign and share.

This petition is getting quite a few more signatures, at the moment of writing its close to 40.000.

That is enough to be a signal Facebook may notice.

If we truly want to keep using Facebook (love it and/or hate it, it has quiet a few handy features), we should try and reach out to Zuckerberg and his pals in as many ways as possible.

The more people let them know that they don’t want to use their real name, the more likely they are to listen to us, eventually.

You can read more about this petition and sign it by clicking here.