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The renowned Wall Street Journal has published an interesting and positive article about the use of avatars and what how they look and act says about the people behind them.

Although more common lately, it is still nice to read something positive about virtual worlds, avatars and Second Life.

The article mentions quite a few very interesting things, such as;

When people add extra inches to their self-image by making their avatars taller than they really are, the people can become more confident and aggressive in real-world negotiations. And when people make their avatars more attractive online, they tend to share personal information with strangers more readily, the researchers reported in the journal Human Communication Research.

I made my avatar the same height and as attractive (or not) as I am in real life.
But I am still rather confident and aggressive and share way too much personal information, but I guess that is because I have little choice, being all famous and such 😉

But I am very much like my avatar, or she is like me.
If you met me in SL and then in RL, you would probably recognize me but you would also recognize my character.

You can read the article on the Wall Street Journal page by clicking here.

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