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It’s just like the good old days!

Griefers managed to annoy thousands of people in Second Life today by rezzing rather ugly spirals that make noise and cause a hell of a lag, making life in these sims practically impossible.

According to unconfirmed reports a huge part of the grid has been taken over by these spirals, LL knows who is behind them, I won’t name them or their group here, because they would probably like it, but it is also all unconfirmed.

It seems the guilty party has not yet been banned from SL, or at least they still appear online.

One of the (many) sims to suffer is the well known Caledon sim collective, thanks to SLGo I managed to visit, fly around and even take a picture before lag became too bad.
With my regular viewer I doubt I would have been able to even take a single step.

When your sim is under attack there generally isn’t much you can do, but here are a few tips;

  • Alert Linden Lab (if live chat support happens to be online…)
  • Go to a place in your sim that is HIGH up, most attacks don’t reach very high and with your draw distance set to very low, lag might be a lot less at high altitude, from here you can take further steps without drowning in lag porridge.
    It is a good idea to create a landmark for this spot so you can teleport here from outside the sim.
  • In the region/estate window turn off ‘Allow Public Access’, this will remove all visitors and keep new people from arriving, giving you some peace but also keeps the griefers from returning.
  • In the debug tab disable everything, this may bring down lag as well and may stop the griefers toys from working.
  • Return the griefers objects.
  • Restart the region(s).

In most cases this will help, but of course it depends on the situation and the type of attack.

Let’s hope this one is sorted soon.

If you have any other tips, ideas, suggestions or just want to share your griefer attack story, please do so in the comments.

Caledon under attack

Caledon under attack