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Today, just now, minutes ago, the official SL Go Flickr group was opened to the public.

Here you can share the photos you make while exploring Second Life with either the LL viewer or the Firestorm viewer in SL Go.

As I wrote recently, SL Go is especially wonderful for making pictures in Second Life, not only can you enjoy SL with graphics settings set to Ultra (the way it should be experienced), there is a lot less lag, but you also get to do all this on less than top of the range computers.
It even works on my 6 year old MacBook!


I rediscovered my pleasure of SL photography because of SL Go after losing it when the graphics card on my laptop said no and stopped working.
And thanks to the ‘upload straight to Flickr’ option, I’ve been making and sharing a lot more pictures.

Because of all the wonderful SL Go photos being uploaded to Flickr all the time, I thought that there should be a Flickr group for these pictures, I suggested it to the SL Go team and they agreed.

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So join up and start adding your very best SL Go snapshots, the ones that show off Second Life with ultra graphics!
Let’s show the world that our virtual world HAS updated since 2007…

From tomorrow onwards, there will also be a SL Go inworld presence.
At 10AM SLT the SL Go Island will open where you can get information and support.
Just ring the bell if you’re in need of advice or help and a SL Go team member, if available, will come to your assistance.

Haven’t tried SL Go yet?!

Sign up HERE, give it a go and let me know what you think.