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… with snowballs!

Yes, I used an evil click bait trick, sorry, couldn’t resist.
But yes, the Lindens are inviting you… or should I say challenge you to a fight… a snowball fight!

Recently Linden Lab opened up a sim called ‘Winter Wonderland’, a 4 region winter themed extravaganza.
I didn’t think it would be for me but I had a look anyway and had to confess that I had a lot of fun racing around there.
I did accidentally ran over a Linden with my sled but I don’t think he got hurt and the Moles found it rather entertaining.

So anyway, on the 6th of February, Friday between 10 AM SLT and noon SLT on Friday, there will be a meet up, or as I prefer to call it a duel between Lindens and the rest of us.
You’re going to get a free snow ball shooting gun, so that should be nice… and chaotic and laggy!
But I reckon its worth it, especially if you get to see some Lindens covered in snow begging for mercy, because I’m GOOD at throwing snowballs!

Bring it on Lindens!

Pic from the LL website