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Now I am generally not keen on contests, usually the prizes you can win aren’t very interesting to me (Yes I know, I have a one track mind, if its not history related, I don’t want it), or the things you have to do are annoying, silly or too much bother for not enough reward.

But somehow, this one spoke to me immediately, no not because you can win a big pile of money and because I’m Dutch, but because of what we have to do;

Share your silly photo booth style pictures with us for a chance to win L$10,000, L$5,000, L$3,000, or L$1,000 for your snapshot! Props encouraged! Winners will be selected by a panel consisting of both Lindens and Residents.

So the idea is to make a Photo Booth style picture, for some reason, I love that idea and got lots of inspiration.

You can read the official bit (with rules, requirements, etc) by clicking here.

Pic from the SL website