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I’m celebrating my 6th rez day in a couple of days and in almost all that time I’ve never had a place to call home.

Of course I’ve been living in 1920s Berlin for all that time and I almost always had a little room or even apartment where I lived, but I never really decorated it.

Our sim is almost always running low on prims and whenever we’re organizing an event or something special is happening, we need more prims and I quickly sacrifice some of my own stuff so the city doesn’t go over its prim limit and implodes.

So I rarely used more than just a bed to decorate my place with, because after a long day of working for some odd reason it is very relaxing to see my avatar under the blankets of my wonderful low prim mesh bed with real working blankets.
Yes that was subtle advertising!

But today, for no special reason, I decided to finally decorate my little 2 room apartment above the gate.

Yes, in a virtual world where we can all live like movie stars, I choose to make a damp, leaky, drafty place in a dirty back street of a big noisy city my home.

Thanks to SL Go I managed to make a few pictures with ultra graphics settings, you can see the whole set by clicking here.


Just to help me sleep… legal in 1929!

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