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Even though the fact that many people don’t even know Second Life (still) exists is a big problem for Linden Lab and us who are enthusiastic about this online world, I still think that the bad reputation our virtual place has is also something that needs to be fixed.

And although that may not be possible, or at least not something we can completely get rid of till SL 2.0 comes around, I can’t help thinking about new ideas and schemes that might make it easier for people like me, who are out of the virtual closet, to share the brilliance of that place where I spend so much time with people who don’t know much or anything about Second Life.

That is why I get excited every time I find something that makes Second Life look good, that shows that there really is more to our virtual world than shopping, playing Barbie and Ken or hanky panky

It can be wonderful screenshots, a great documentary series or a stunning music video.

Recently Drax and I chatted about how much good things like these can do, they can completely change how people think about Second Life, if they ever had any thoughts about it to begin with!

So anyway, one of the things that I think can be wonderful advertising for Second Life is a well made music video.
You know, sometimes these go ‘viral’, as you kids call it these days, as disgusting as that may sound, that is a good thing.

That is why I am asking you, folks in SL who are artistic, who can make good super high quality videos, who can sing, make music, build amazing places, etc, etc, to get together and make stunning music videos.

If your video turns out amazing, everybody wins.
The performer gets publicity, the machinima maker gets publicity and SL gets publicity!
You may all even get  little famous.

The internet is full of Second Life videos but most of these are about grieving, drama, getting married, having babies or other sorts of things that either make SL look bad or are just very difficult to understand for outsiders.
I’ve also seen a few music videos but they only show avatars dancing, often half naked, to awful music, there is nothing that appeals to me, that is visually stunning or original.
Or they are interesting but whoever made it used an old computer with bad graphics, visited sims that haven’t been updated since 2007 or weren’t very good at editing, etc.

So go on, artists, performers, machinima makers, get together.
Feel free to use the comments section here to find others to work with and start making music videos.
These are generally not too long, don’t need long complicated stories, can use stunning visuals without having to justify just throwing in a pretty picture and if the video is good it helps the music and if the music is good it helps the video.
Of course you can also use an already well know song as basis for your video, as long as you have permission to use the recording.

In my view a music video is a rather good way to reach a wider audience.

A great example of what I think is absolutely wonderful is this old video I’ve only just discovered.
It was uploaded months ago by  but only the other day did she also upload a bit of it to Flickr where I stumbled upon it.
So you may have already seen it a million times, it may have been blogged about before, I don’t care, it is new to me.

After the storm

It was filmed at “H220”, a moody location created by Squonk Levenque and Miuccia Klaar, unfortunately the sim no longer exists.
The song is unfortunately not by an SL artist but by the wonderful Mumford & sons.

I think it is stunning, something I’ll be glad to share with people who’ve never heard of Second Life or have a negative view of it.

I hope to be able to share more amazing Second Life music videos soon, got any, share them in the comments!

Enjoy this wonderful video and start making your own!;

And, thank you Pepa Cometa for the tip, here is another rather wonderful SL music video, this one made by Erythro Asimov, with Cica Ghost;

Another tip, by owldragonash, intoduced me to the wonderful videos by Nina Caplin (Fuchsia nightfire), like this one with music from an actual SL artist BlindBoy Gumbo!